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Professional indoor and outdoor corporate team building activities, for groups of any size.


Chances are, you think team building is boring!

We have an amazing selection of indoor and outdoor games to develop teamwork within your organisation.


Would you like a fun activity to develop teamwork? There is no better way than through our corporate team building in Bangkok, Thailand and Singapore. Our events will challenge your groups to interact in new ways. Still don’t know what to do? No problem: we have lots of ideas for indoor and outdoor activities across Thailand.

There’s nothing worse than planning a day, selecting an activity and then realising no one is having fun. All because they think they look silly. We understand you!

From the first minute until the last, we provide activities that will engage your group. Our goal is to make your day fun. See below examples of what we have on offer or talk to Excel Solutions Asia about designing a bespoke package just for you.

No more games such as, “close your eyes and fall backwards”. We’ve all been there. This inspired us to refrain from any kind of teamwork based, coaching lectures! Welcome to Excel Solutions Asia–Thailand and Singapore.

A Sensational Job

I really recommend Excel Solutions Asia. They have done a sensational job putting together our team activities in Bangkok over the past 2 years.

Excel Solutions Asia will look after everything to ensure they deliver your activity as you want. They have a huge range of things to do and have a great eye for detail as well as a great team. I look forward to working with them again next year.​

Ian Edwards
CT Partners


Our Top Team Building Thailand Activities!

A Revolution in Solutions

Our Team Building Activities Are FUN

Unique activities designed to motivate through fun, providing you with a fabulous opportunity to interact on an informal level.

CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

We run a number of team building and corporate social responsibility events for organisations across Thailand, including races, charity days and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate team building activities for work – a collective term for different activities used to enhance social relations and define roles within teams, often involving collaborative tasks. 

It is like social events except that the focus is on the team/group dynamic. But it can also be used to instill and promote desired behaviors, or improve existing behaviours in the workplace. Our events can range from a simple half day workshop to a long leadership retreat.

In any business, teamwork is very important. It is the responsibility of the company to maximize the value of every individual. The efficiency and performance of a business organization has a direct impact on revenues, growth, and overall success (including profitability).

Team building is an activity aimed at increasing the productivity of individuals and groups, either in the workplace or within a team. 

It usually focuses on bringing people together to help them get along better and have a more positive attitude towards their colleagues. Using workplace goals and objectives as catalysts for a team building exercise can be a powerful tool for any company that wants to improve their business.

Read more: Wikipedia All About Teamwork

Team building can be done at any stage, but it’s most effective when the team is first formed and at regular intervals thereafter. This is to ensure that the team members know each other well, what they bring to the table, and how they can work together more effectively. ลักสูตร Team building activities should also occur whenever there is a change in the group’s membership.

Our team building Thailand activities are more than fun. Some benefits of team building promote cooperation and communication, while others allow employees to blow off steam and get to know each other better on a personal level. These activities can also be used as a tool for helping new teams get acquainted, or for bringing existing teams together after personnel changes.

There’s no one right way to pick a team-building exercise. The best activities for your team will depend on your goals, your team members, and the resources you have available. Take a look at our virtual team building activities! We guarantee to have a fun selection of team building Thailand to meet your objectives.