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Team building Bangkok. Professional indoor and outdoor team building Thailand activities and games created to inspire and entertain for groups of any size across Thailand and Singapore.

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Events and Activities

Develop teamwork through our corporate team building in Bangkok, Thailand. Our events will challenge your groups to interact in new ways. Still don’t know what to do? No problem. We have lots of ideas for indoor and outdoor exercises across Thailand. There’s nothing worse than planning a day, selecting an activity and then realising no one is having fun. We understand you!

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Team Building Bangkok

From the first minute until the last, we provide activities that will engage your group. Our goal is to guide you on team development. No more games such as, “close your eyes and fall backwards”. We’ve all been there. This inspired us to refrain from any kind of teamwork based, coaching lectures! See our ultimate selection of team building activities in Bangkok or talk to an Excel Solutions Asia consultant about designing a bespoke package – just for you.


Chances Are, You Think Team Building is Boring!

We have an amazing selection of indoor and outdoor games to develop teamwork.

Our Corporate Events are FUN

Unique games designed to motivate through fun, providing you with a fabulous opportunity to interact on an informal level.

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Why Our Amazing Races are so Popular

Our Amazing Race in Bangkok, Thailand is an adventure that challenges teams to compete in a number of unique games. See our video for more fun information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our 3 ultimate locations for Thailand team building games are Bangkok, Pattaya and Hua Hin. Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and a fantasic city for amazing races. It’s known for its skyscrapers, temples and iconic landmarks. Pattaya is a beach town in Thailand. It’s known for its lively nightlife and many shopping centers. Hua Hin is on the Gulf of Thailand near Pattaya. It has gorgeous beaches, golf courses, mountains and amazing sea food.

If you’re looking for the best activities in Thailand, we have an awesome selection. We can help you find the right activities to match your needs, as well as your budget. Your team building exercises are those that are engaging. We have a large selection of team building exercises. Each activity improves team bonding, communication and develops teamwork. We recommend our amazing race, build a bike CSR and laid back art events.

Our amazing race is a team building activity that will get your blood pumping and bring the whole team closer together. You’ll be racing against each other in teams, so it’s easy to form bonds with other members. If you’d rather focus on teamwork than competition, try out one of our build-a-bike events! Teams will work together to build bikes! You then donate them to orphaned children. Are you looking for an event that helps with communication skills? Try one of our laid back art events! View our awesome team building bangkok activities.

Thailand is a hot spot for corporate events because of its many tourist attractions. The country is also a popular destination for business meetings and conferences. Thai people are very welcoming and hospitable. They are always ready to help with directions and translations. Bangkok is also home to some of the most beautiful places in Thailand. If you plan on hosting a conference in Bangkok, Thailand you will get the chance to enjoy the city’s many attractions.

Teamwork is a necessity on all levels, from the individual to the global. In the workplace, teamwork is critical to success. It allows employees to achieve more together than they could alone. When everyone works together, they can tackle projects easier. They can take risks they might not otherwise take and learn from each other as they go along. Teamwork also makes workplaces more enjoyable to work in. Working with people who share the interests and passions, creates a better environment. In any business, teamwork is very important. It is the responsibility of the company to maximize the value of every individual. The efficiency and performance of an organisation has a direct impact on its success.

Our team building activities in Thailand aim to increase the productivity of individuals and groups. Either in the workplace or within a team. They are also a great way to get your team members to bond. Thus, they can also improve communication and collaboration skills.

Team Building Thailand Objectives

  • Improve team work skills
  • Increase group cohesion and morale
  • Encourage employees to communicate more openly and honestly with one another

Our activities aim to increase the productivity of individuals and groups. Either in the workplace or for your group. They are also a great way for your your team members to bond. Thus, they can also improve your team building communication and collaboration skills. Here are some of the objectives you might want to achieve: as a team building organiser we are focused on bringing people together to help them get along better. This also creates a positive attitude towards their colleagues.

At any stage. It’s most effective when new teams form and at regular intervals thereafter. This is to ensure that the team gets to know each other well. what they bring to the table, and how they can work together. Teamwork activities should occur for your group whenever there is a change in the group’s membership. Did we forget to mention they are fun and will be popular with the whole group!

A team building Thailand activity can be a great way to bring your team together in a fun, relaxed environment. They help you get to know each other on a personal level and foster a sense of trust and comfort in your group. By doing this, you create a stronger bond between team members and increase their productivity. In fact, studies show that people who work in teams are more productive than individuals working alone. Our Team building Bangkok, Thailand activities help members of your team see they are not just part of a group.

We can be part of something larger such as a community invested in the same goals and values. This helps motivate them to give their best efforts because they recognise it takes everyone’s contribution to achieve success through group activities in Bangkok.

It’s a great way to get employees working together regularly. Employees who are familiar with one another and know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, work together much more effectively. This will make it easier for them to work as a team and accomplish their goals in the workplace.

It can help you identify problems that your your team may have with one another or with their jobs. Our team building Thailand activities help create an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable working together without feeling too threatened by one another. It is especially important when you have multiple managers or supervisors who are trying to oversee different teams at once! If you would like more guidance for your team building Thailand event or to select something for your team we will be more than pleased to tailor an activity for all. Why not see what our clients have to say and which is the most popular team choice.