4×4 Off Road Adventures and Fun ATV Tour Events Thailand

If you’re looking for an unforgettable corporate event then you can’t beat churning up the mud in a 4×4 off-road Hua Hin, Thailand adventure. With your wheels spinning, as you bounce through ruts, along rocky tracks you’ll learn to control a vehicle in this wild all-terrain driving experience.

With all the mountains and tracks around Hua Hin, you’re guaranteed an adventure never to forget. Although there are ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) we would recommend an off-road adventure with our own fleet of vehicles such as a Ford Wildtrak for a real adventure!

We don’t promote the elephant tours in Hua Hin and let’s not forget there are no animals involved in our kinds of events as we believe they should never be exploited for any kind of tourism!

4×4 Off-Road ATV Adventures Pattaya, Thailand

Although there are not as many off-road tracks in Pattaya as with Hua Hin we would recommend an ATV (all-terrain vehicle adventure) as an alternate off-road experience. get away from the shopping centres and bars of Pattaya and have fun in a guided adventure through the farms and jungles.

4×4 Off-Road Challenges

4×4 off-road driving involves driving a vehicle on unsurfaced roads and terrains. The events involve driving around a circuit full of obstacles, both man-made and natural while trying to avoid incurring penalty points. It’s a challenging and enjoyable way to develop your team skills. Simply driving as fast as possible is not the aim. Instead, strategic thinking and precision driving skills are encouraged and developed at our events.

Team Building while Having Fun

An off-road experience is an unusual opportunity to build on your team’s driving skills while boosting team bonds and companionship. The skills you learn are transferable not only to regular driving but also to life in general. Handling the fast action-packed terrain will promote confidence in the participants as well as form great memories for your teams to build friendships and lasting connections on.

There are many benefits of 4×4 off-road driving for your corporate team-building event.

  • A unique way to build trust within your workplace. Working together in these challenging conditions encourages new forms of collaboration and team orientated thinking.
  • It’s a perfect way to boost team morale and encourage harmony among participants! Working together to solve unforeseen problems pulls people together with a common purpose.
  • The challenge of driving off-road will improve communication skills, including listening and intuition.
  • The driving adventure will also help to boost creative thinking!
  • Sharing an adventure is a great way to help a new team bond with one another!
  • A 4×4 off-road experience helps to improve resilience to change, adaptability and employee motivation.

4×4 Off-Road Skills

To successful drive off-road you need a whole range of skills! You’ll need to be focused and maintain high levels of concentration while being ready to react at any second to a new obstacle or challenge on the track ahead!

You will need to keep your speed down in order not to damage your vehicle on the terrain while also maintaining enough momentum to get up muddy slopes or crash through a deep water ditch! Holding these two factors in balance is a difficult, but essential, off-road skill to master!

4×4 Safe Driving Tips

There are some safety tips you should bear in mind while off-roading. Firstly, while driving, do not grip the steering wheel too tightly and do not wrap your thumbs around the wheel. A sharp bump or quick kickback could break your thumbs if you do! While steering use slow movements to navigate the obstacles and pathway you have chosen. Avoid whipping the steering wheel from left to right to steer because this will have a negative effect on the overall alignment of the vehicle and could end up with you spinning out of control!

Always drive off-road with a friend or partner so if anything happens you have some help! It’s also advisable to bring a mobile phone with you so in an emergency you can call for backup. Generally speaking though the most important skills to keep yourself safe will be patience and common sense. Tread carefully and don’t speed around blind corners! Respect the rough terrain and always try to think ahead!

When should you use 4×4?

When you’re driving off-road you need to use 4×4 to maintain proper control of the vehicle in the muddy, rocky and steep conditions. The skills you learn are transferable however and there are times in your regular driving when, if you have the option, using 4×4 is advisable. If you’re driving in heavy snow or icy conditions then if you have the choice you should use 4×4 to maximise your control and safety. This also applies in heavy rains and flood conditions!

How Fast can you Drive in 4×4 Off-Roading?

4×4 off-road driving is a precision activity that requires patience and forethought. When you’re driving off-road speed is not advisable! You tend to keep the speed down for several reasons. Firstly, if you hit an obstacle, such as a rock or uneven part of the track, at high speed you could easily lose control of the vehicle or even flip over! Secondly, at high speeds, you are unable to see what’s coming up ahead of you which once again, could lead to disaster.

4×4 Off-Road trucks

We use 4×4 trucks in our off-roading adventures, such as the Ford Wildtrak. This means that the skills you learn are more transferable into every day driving as well as meaning that you will feel more comfortable behind the wheel right from the start.

The trucks have plenty of room for a small team working together to face the challenges as well as an instructor to help you along. The trucks are rugged and powerful but they’re not indestructible so you will have to manoeuvre with care and attention to battle your way across the varied terrains we offer.

An off-road adventure is a wonderful way to build team relations for your employees. 4×4 driving is fun and action-packed while requiring precision thinking and planning. Working together to solve new challenges is a good way to cement bonds while creating lasting memories to take back to the workplace.