Amazing Race Bangkok. A Fun Outdoor Adventure

We were the original “Amazing Race Bangkok” event organisers, and now everyone’s doing it. Yup, that’s right, we were the ones who kicked off the whole “Amazing Race Bangkok” craze almost two decades ago. And boy, did it catch on like wildfire! Now, you can’t swing a durian without hitting another local event organiser doing the exact same thing. But here’s the thing, we don’t settle for mediocrity. We’re not just going to sit back and let everyone else copy our moves. Oh no, we’re taking it up a notch and adding some serious competition to our already amazing races. We’re talking next-level stuff!

So, we’re upping our game with some serious competition. Our NEW amazing races are a fun and competitive way to challenge your team and get them out of their comfort zones. We’ve upgraded our race activities, so get ready for the ride of a lifetime! We are so excited to announce that we are launching our NEW Corporate event! Are you ready to embark on our all new epic event for your next corporate retreat?

So what changed? Our race’s are much more challenging! Teams now log in to our online portal to gain access to the race activities. This allows teams to focus more on the tasks at hand, as there is no need to worry about managing physical cards. Greater clarity on where teams need to go around Bangkok and what they need to do.

We can now tailor the event to organisations with lower budgets. With this in mind, our consultants no longer escort you! We’ve made the decision to remove the consultant from the race altogether. This is how we reduced our costs and made the races more challenging, which is what you wanted! This really is a high-speed hunt for the ultimate adventure! Sorry – no more Thai boxing! Most of your energy will be burned up by the race!

NEW Bangkok Amazing Race 2023

Amazing Race Bangkok Highlights

  • The race starts and ends at your hotel
  • We tailor challenges to suit your budget, timing and choices!
  • Teams use their mobile phone to access each challenge.
  • For large groups, we can provide a pre-designed route for each team
  • Winners are the first team back with the most points gained
  • Excel Solutions Asia facilitators do NOT escort teams. This is a race and not a tour.
  • Transportation includes: BTS Sky Train, MRT Underground and a Boat.
  • We provide one day passes or budget for both train systems (included in quotation)

Note: we do not use motorbikes or Tuk Tuks in Bangkok.

Amazing Race Bangkok Concept

This event is a one-of-a-kind experience. It’s a fun, educational way to explore the city of Bangkok. Teams race against each other to complete in a series of challenges and tasks. From Chinatown to the Wat Arun, they will introduce you to some of its best locations and landmarks. You can now experience Bangkok like never before. Race around the city completing challenges. Learn about its history and culture while having fun along the way! First team back to the finish line with the highest score! Amazing race Bangkok meets photography team building. Sounds like a recipe for hilarious disaster.

Amazing Race BKK Pros

  • A race is great way to see top landmarks
  • Escape the meeting room
  • Fun and adventurous
  • Improves workplace communication

Amazing Race BKK Cons

  • It may involve additional costs (temples)
  • A race requires a little more physical exertion
  • Influenced by weather conditions
  • Requires careful planning and coordination

Why choose an Amazing Race?

An amazing race is the perfect team building activity for groups looking to engage their teams in super fun challenges. The vibrant city of Bangkok offers a unique blend of culture, history, and modernity, making it an ideal location for an adventurous team-building activity. The race will require participants to work together in teams, solving clues and completing challenges, all while exploring the sights and sounds of Bangkok e.g bustling markets, temples etc. No more Thai cooking or Thai boxing! If you love animals you’d love our Bangkok Pet Shop Hunt!

Develop Teamwork Skills

This interactive and immersive experience will enable participants to strengthen their communication, while also fostering team bonding and camaraderie. Not forgetting shared common goals. With its diverse range of challenges and tasks, these amazing race activities are the perfect way to break down barriers and create a sense of unity.

Our Top 3 Amazing Race Bangkok Locations

Wat Arun – Temple of Dawn

Wat Arun, also known as the “Temple of Dawn,” is a stunning Buddhist temple located in the heart of Bangkok. With its intricate design and towering spires, it’s like a real-life version of a video game temple. Just don’t try to climb it like you’re Lara Croft.
Entree fee: THB 100 per person

Wat Pho – The Reclining Buddha

Wat Pho is a Buddhist temple located in the heart of Bangkok. This majestic temple complex is situated on the eastern bank of the Chao Phraya River. It’s a huge temple complex that can take hours to explore. But you don’t get hours on an amazing race! Just make sure to bring your walking shoes, some water, and maybe a map. How else can you be the winning team and achieve the amazing race challenges we give you!
Entree fee: THB 200 per person

The Flower Market

It’s easy to get lost among the endless rows of ornate orchids, crisp carnations, and miles of marigolds – the scents and colours can be downright hypnotic! You might find yourself stumbling around like a lost bee, wondering how you’ll ever find your way out. How can we not add this place to our team building Bangkok amazing race activities!

Amazing Race Bangkok FAQ’s

All our quotations include the following:

  • Prices quoted include transportation: BTS, MRT and river boats if required.
  • Any required purchases for activity challenges
  • All associated materials and design
  • A prize for each winning team member

YES. We of not include the temple entree fees (2) Wat Arun THB 100 per person and Wat Pho THB 200 per person. However if you are on a budget we are able to source an alternate temple!

Yes. These are corporate events and we take safety seriously. We don’t recommend these activities for children. Just like the amazing race Thailand episode – adults only

The best time of year in Bangkok is from November to February which is known as the cool season. However these activities remain fun, even if there is the odd shower or two.

You don’t need to RUN. As long as you are able to walk steadily you should be fine! Unfortunately being Bangkok, we would not recommend this activity for severely disabled people. Your safety is always our priority!

Amazing Race Bangkok – Conclusion

Our NEW half day Bangkok amazing race is a super fun activity. We even have an amazing race along Sukhumvit Road only! They are even more fun and challenging. They will test your physical, mental, and social skills in ways you never thought possible. We highly recommend starting and finishing this event before or after rush hour in Bangkok avoiding traffic jams! If you would like to know more about this vibrant city check out our Bangkok Travel Guide. Take your excitement to new heights by merging Amazing Races, wine tasting, and whisky tastings or for the brave, our very own Pub Explorer. So there you have it: teams discover how to achieve individual tasks while under time management!

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