Amazing Race Bangkok New and Exclusive for 2023

Amazing Race Bangkok Thailand

We were the first event organiser to start ‘Amazing Race Bangkok’ events. That was almost 20 years ago. Many of our competitors now deliver the same event activities! So it’s time for a change and to add a more competitive edge to our amazing races. If you’re not familiar with our Amazing Races, they are a series of challenges that pit teams against each other. It’s a fun and competitive way to get your teams out of their comfort zone, and we’ve upgraded our all our amazing races!

That’s right – upgraded! We are so excited to announce that we are launching our NEW Corporate Amazing Race Bangkok! Are you ready to embark on our all new epic event for your next corporate retreat? Then read on.

Out with the Old Amazing Race Bangkok

After almost 20 years, we needed to change. You needed something new. These events were becoming more like tours than a corporate team building event. We had to make them more competitive, lower the cost and become innovative once again.

In with the NEW Amazing Race Bangkok

So what changed? It’s much more challenging! Teams now log in to our online portal to gain access to the activities. This allows teams to focus more on the tasks at hand, as there is no need to worry about managing physical cards. Greater clarity on where teams need to go and what they need to do.

We can now tailor the event to organisations with lower budgets. With this in mind, our consultants no longer escort you! We’ve made the decision to remove the consultant from the race altogether. This is how we reduced our costs and made the races more challenging, which is what you wanted!

  • The event starts and ends at your hotel
  • We tailor challenges to suit your budget, timing and choices!
  • Teams use mobiles to access each challenge.
  • We provide Local Thai SIM cards
  • For large groups, we can provide a pre-designed route for each team
  • Winners are the first team back with the most points gained
  • Excel Solutions Asia do NOT escort teams. This is not a tour.
  • Transportation includes: BTS Sky Train, MRT Underground and a Boat.
  • We provide one day passes or budget for both train systems (included in quotation)
Our Concept

This event is a one-of-a-kind experience. It’s a fun, educational way to explore the city of Bangkok. Teams race against each other to complete in a series of challenges and tasks. They will take you all over the city. From Chinatown to the Wat Arun, they will introduce you to some of its best locations and landmarks. You can now experience Bangkok like never. Race around the city completing challenges. Learn about its history and culture while having fun along the way! Amazing Race Bangkok and throughout Thailand.

Fun Interactive Challenges

Our Amazing Race team building challenges are a fun and interactive way for you to learn about Bangkok and its culture. They’re also great for building teamwork and camaraderie. Bond with your group as you make your way through the city. Challenges include solving riddles, taking photos, shopping, and participating in traditional Thai activities. You’ll have a blast!

Here are three of our favourite places to visit in Bangkok

Wat Pho, the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, is an amazing place to start your Amazing Race experience. The temple is home to a giant golden Buddha statue that’s 151 feet long! You can see it and many other beautiful Buddhist statues in this garden.

Wat Arun is famous for its impressive architecture and beautiful river setting. It’s also a great place to enjoy views of Bangkok’s skyline from across the river.

The Flower Market sells flowers in all shapes and sizes, including orchids! How could we resist not adding some beautiful flora to the event?

Why choose an Amazing Race in Bangkok?

Bangkok is the perfect place for an Amazing Race because it has so many famous landmarks, unique ways to travel, and a rich local culture. The city is a melting pot of Thai, Chinese and Western cultures, which creates a truly unique atmosphere. This makes it the perfect place for an Amazing Race!

Conclusion – Your Adventure Awaits!

Are you’re looking for an exciting, unique way to bring your teams together? Do you want to improve communication and teamwork? Look no further than our NEW Bangkok corporate event. Our new amazing race in Bangkok, Thailand events are even more fun and challenging. They will test your physical, mental, and social skills in ways you never thought possible. Read why our amazing race Bangkok is one of three top locations in Thailand.

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The best time of year in Bangkok is from November to February which is known as the cool season. However these activities remain fun even when it had the odd shower or two.

Yes. These are corporate events and we take safety seriously. We don’t recommend these activities for children.

You don’t need to be an athlete to participate in these fun events. in fact, we mention at the briefing that participant do not run! However, it can get a hot and humid here in Bangkok.

Amazing Race Fitness

If anyone has a medical condition we would like to know before they participate in the activities.