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What is a fast paced and exciting way to see popular locations while developing teamwork? With an Amazing Race, Thailand adventure of course! During the amazing race, your teams travel to designated locations around the city.

We highly recommend Bangkok, Pattaya and Hua Hin. Our Amazing Race events will test your team’s performance, while developing teamwork.

Did we forget to mention we also deliver this fun event in Singapore. Read why we recommend Marina Bay, Singapore for any event.

When teams reach the given location, they attempt to achieve the given challenges. The number of challenges are dependent on the total time of the event. We recommend 4-5 hours – due to the hot and sticky climate.

Unlike the original Amazing Race game show, teams are not eliminated. However, it’s not ‘the first team back wins‘. The most successful team is the one that has gained the most points from the challenges

Amazing Race Thailand Begins

Your group will be divided into teams. Usually based around 8 pax which is dependent on your total group size. Teams then depart from the hotel once they have solved their first puzzle. After all, we can’t have the whole group leaving at the same time!

Transportation is arranged. Unfortunately we cannot provide helicopters, aeroplanes, or hot air balloons – unless you have the budget that is!

The Amazing Race Origins – Television Game Show

The original Amazing Race was a reality television game show. The show was produced by Earthview Inc. and averaged about 10 million viewers per season. Couples would travel to countries around the world using various methods of transportation.

Clues lead teams to a destination where a fun task awaits. It was this format which led to our corporate events in local cities and towns such as Bangkok.

Take a look below at our client’s top 3 location choices for an Amazing Race in Thailand including some sample agendas.

The Amazing Race Bangkok – Destination 1

The vibrant city of Bangkok is ideal for an amazing race as there are so many things to do. Challenges may include:

  • Thai Boxing
  • Thai Dishes (no cooking)
  • Busking (singing a song)
  • Create a Work of Art
  • Picture Clue Hunts
  • A Little Bargain Shopping
  • Solve Clues at Fun Locations
  • Dressing in Thai Costume

Muay Thai Training

Muay Thai is a combat sport that uses stand-up striking along with various heavy-hitting techniques. Don’t worry we don’t expect you to go a few rounds with a professional Thai boxer! Just a little group sparring. 

Delicious Thai Cuisine Food Challenge

You cannot visit Thailand without tasting delicious hot and spicy Thai food. This is a unique experience without any requiredcooking. With some of the most popular Thai dishes such as ‘Somtam’ on the menu, you’re sure to find the right restaurant. 

Visiting a Must-See Temple in Bangkok

There are over 400 temples (Wats) disseminated all around Bangkok so we had to include at least one. Wat Arun or Wat Pho could be added to the challenge location. But this is dependent on your budget due to entree fees and event times.

Wat Arun is one of the most stunning temples in Bangkok and is situated on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River. Also known as ‘Temple of the Dawn’ it has a massive prang (a decorated carved spire) and is one of the most impressive sights along the Chao Phra river.

Wat Pho (Temple of Reclining Buddha) is must-see for any first-time visitor in Bangkok. It is one of Bangkok’s most attractive temples and host to the city’s largest reclining Buddha.

Creating a Thai Work of Art

Thai art was primarily composed of Buddhist art and we provide the materials to create your masterpiece. This challenge could be bag painting, umbrella painting or Lai Thai – decorative patterns. Lai-Thai is a distinctive style of art and mostly found on ornaments and fabrics. With all these challenges and some fun photo clue hunts, you are guaranteed to be kept busy.

Travelling around Bangkok

Travelling to each location usually consists of using various forms of Bangkok Transport such as the MRT, BTS sky train (Bangkok), and long-tail boats. We include Tuk Tuk’s, Taxi Boats, MRT Underground, BTS Sky Train and a little walking. These forms of transportation enable you to save time travelling by avoiding traffic jams and – ensures safety.

Teams then have more time participating in fun challenges and less time travelling. The BTS Skytrain and MRT Underground are the safest ways to travel around Bangkok. For large groups, we would provide you with a one-day rail pass. Most challenge locations are designated near the railway stations or boat piers!

Long-Tail Boat Racing

Long-tail boats may be provided to take teams along the Chao Phraya River. You get to see Bangkok life along the river while racing your opponents to the next fun team building location. Life jackets are provided for safety which is always our top priority. Adding a long-tail boat to the amazing race would again be dependent on your budget, as it could easily add to the total event cost!

The Amazing Race Hua Hin – Destination 2

Hua Hin is less than 200 km south of Bangkok and one of Thailand’s premier, beach resorts. Compared to Bangkok, the amazing race Hua Hin is a little more gentle and laid back! Hua Hin is a good budget destination and we would highly recommend here in comparison to Bangkok. There are lots of interesting attractions and we added some of the best for your amazing race.

Amazing Race Hua Hin Activities and Locations

Travel to the most beautiful train station in Thailand and see the Royal Pavilion while solving mathematical clues, and finding answers to a very old locomotive, gracefully sitting at the side of the tracks.

Make your way up Monkey Mountain to visit Khao Takiab temple. With a commanding view over Hue Hin, this is an ideal location to create a work of art. Other challenges will include finding answers to questions within the temple grounds and perhaps some bell ringing. You may need to be a little fit, as there are over 100 steps to the temple!

Hua Hin Thai Cuisine

We have to include some delicious, local Thai Cuisine! Teams need to purchase the ingredients to famous local Thai dishes and then create them! Each dish is then judged by the local Thais! You even get to eat your dishes but don’t worry, the hospital is not far away!

Hua Hin Fishing Village

Teams may be lucky to catch fisherman return to the docks with their catch of the day! This little village runs along a narrow river at the base of Khao Takiab Mountain. It is a great scenic walk, to look at all the colourful fishing boats in action.

Hua Hin Railway Station

Hua Hin’s Railway Station was built in the 1920s and is one of the oldest in Thailand. Phra Mongkut Klao Pavilion is a must see and try to get some images of it before moving on. It served as a royal waiting room and combined with an old locomotive parked on some tracks this is an awseome place to visit. How could we have an amazing race without a little shopping? Solve clues and purchase the items from one of the local stalls. We also provide a budget for all the necessary purchases!

Hua Hin Amazing Race Transportation

Songthaews are provided transportation throughout the event starting at your chosen hotel. An ideal team size would be 8–10 pax for the local Songthaews due to the number of seats available. We have also combined the Amazing Race Hua Hin with our raft building, enabling a whole day of fun and ending to the day on Hua Hin’s beautiful sandy beach! See our transportation Thailand amazing race post.

The Amazing Race Pattaya – Destination 3

There is more to Pattaya than it’s nightlife of drinking and partying! Before all the bars it’s hard to believe Pattaya started as a fishing village. We have added some great locations to get outside the centre of Pattaya.

Khao Pattaya Viewpoint

Khao Pattaya View Point can be found on Pratumnak Hill and has one of the best viewpoints in the region. The main view looks north up to the headland before Naklua beach. Our challenge would be tailored around the view as well as a little quiz on the monument dedicated to Admiral HRH Prince of Chumpon.

Wat Phra Yai Temple

Across the way from the monument is the temple of Wat Phra Khao Bat. Here, activities are based on the Lord Buddha statues as well as the largest Golden Buddha in Pattaya. Kindly note all challenges here are in-keeping with respect at all times.

Developing Teamwork

These events require multiple teamwork skills which include planning, balanced participate, shared common goals and most of all – having FUN. Your employees will have a better understand each other’s strengths, weaknesses, interests and develop a social interaction! It is widely accepted that learning can be accomplished most effectively through social interaction and being outdoors visiting famous landmarks is a great place to start.

Amazing Race Thailand Quotations

**Images will be provided with our logo in the bottom right corner. Should you wish not to have our logo there would be a small fee for the use of our professional photographers**

At the end of the amazing race, prizes are awarded to each winning team member. Why not contact us today to get a quotation or see more of our corporate events in Thailand! 

Quotations are inclusive of:

Transportation during the race, prize for the winning team member, budget for any required challenge purchases, consultants, MC, professional photographer.

  • Amazing Race Singapore – our Singaporean partners deliver fun event races all over Singapore enabling teams to see some fantastic landmarks while developing teamwork. Top locations for these events are Marina Bay, Chinatown and Little India.