Back to Basics with Team Building Warm Up Games to Build Trust

Team building warm up games. Having fun on a beach event

To improve your team building skills, there’s no better place to start than with the basics. The following five basic team building warm up games are perfect for encouraging team members to connect with each other. They get to know their teammates better in a relaxed atmosphere. Team building warm up games provide team members with a chance to connect with each other and get to know each other better in a relaxed atmosphere.

Through these interactions, you can build trust between team members, which is crucial for developing effective collaboration. A few examples of warm up games include:

  • Group book reading: Have everyone read the same book or article before your meeting starts. You may even want to have them write their thoughts on the material so that there is time for discussion later. This helps everyone feel more comfortable discussing ideas as well as providing context for discussions later in your meeting.
  • Icebreaker activities: You can ask people what their favourite childhood toy was or have them describe their dream holiday spot (or any other interesting question). These questions will help break the ice and allow participants to get some quick insights into each other’s personalities without having to make any enormous commitments right away.

They increase the level of trust between team members, which improves communication.

Team building refers to bringing a group of people together and getting them to work as one unit. The benefits of team building are many, including increased productivity and increased morale.

Team members who feel they can trust their teammates will be more open to sharing ideas, feelings and beliefs. This can help improve communication within your group—a key ingredient for success in any situation!

A few things that build trust include:

  • Experience: Team members gain experience working together.
  • Honesty: When everyone is honest with each other, it builds trust between all parties involved. Honesty goes both ways.

They help teams get ‘in the zone’ together – by helping them focus on each other and their working dynamics.

There are many reasons team building activities are worth the time and effort. They can improve your employees’ teamwork skills, help them develop a sense of belonging, and make the entire team feel more motivated.

Team building games can also help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of each member, so that you can allocate resources accordingly. It is also a great way to assess whether your employees are working well with one another – as well as their leadership skills.

They encourage teamwork and collaboration during the task at hand.

Warm-ups that encourage teamwork and collaboration during the task at hand are especially effective in creating a positive environment for team building. You can use these warm up games to help your team members work together, support each other, and share ideas with each other.

Besides helping build relationships within teams, these games also encourage teamwork by having all members of the team work together toward a common goal. Example: you could choose an icebreaker game where teams compete against one another to collect tokens first or some variation of this theme (e.g., “tossing” the beanbag into a bucket). Members of each team will have a shared purpose and beat out their opponents!

This differs from traditional games where individuals compete against one another for personal gain (e.g., darts). When playing games with groups instead of as individuals, people behave more positively toward each other because they’re working together rather than competing against one another; thus it’s easier to get along with those around them since there aren’t any stakes attached that might cause conflict.

Five basic team building warm up games are described below.

Using ice breaker games to kick off your next team building event is a great way to get people comfortable. Here are five basic team building warm up games that can be used for ice breakers:

  • Freeze dance: This is a game where everyone stops moving when the music stops. For instance, if someone was dancing, they would keep dancing until the music stopped and then freeze in their position with their arms outstretched like they were still dancing, etc.
  • Pass the parcel: This game is played by passing a gift around in a circle. Whoever has it when the music stops must open it. The contents of each gift typically vary but usually include some sort of food item or candy.
  • Speed brainstorming: In this activity, participants are given thirty seconds (or however long you choose) to come up with as many answers as possible for any question; examples include “How do we increase sales?” or “What do you like best about working here?” After the time runs out (or however long), participants share their responses one at a time in random order until every person has had their turn. This process continues until all ideas have been shared. You may want them recorded so everyone can refer later on during other activities, such as creating future goals based on these ideas!

Use these games to build your team!

These games are a great way to get your team to connect and build trust. They can be used at a meeting or workshop to help people become more familiar with each other, or as icebreakers during team challenges.

These games are fun and easy to run, which means you don’t need any special training or experience in order for them to work well. They can also be played by any size of teams—from small groups of 4-5 people up through large ones made up of 20+ participants! Take a look at our top selection of activities combined with team building warm up games.


Team building warm up games are an excellent way to get to know each other better. They help you work together better as a team and they also provide some fun!