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Nostalgic Back to School Kids Class Activities


Back to school kids class activities

Corporate CSR team building. Those of us who have been around know that the best part of school wasn’t the education. It’s the activities. Whether it’s jigsaws, painting by numbers, or clay moulding, these old school activities are awesome to get us to use our imagination and work with our hands. They’re also a great way to make friends and have fun.

Assembling Jigsaw Puzzles

If you like puzzles you will enjoy participating in this fun, pattern puzzle assembly with your colleagues. There is a big picture but can you and your team complete it on time! Each piece is a small part to a bigger picture. Teams needs to assemble their picture with the oddly shaped and interlocking pieces provided in a given time. Did you know solving puzzles helps to reinforce existing connections between our brain cells. Jigsaw puzzles are also good at improving short-term memory.

Kids School Painting by Numbers

The painting-by-numbers kit will prepare the canvas for you! All you have to do is match the colours, and the final picture will emerge as a finished painting. This activity will guide your team to analyse a subject and observe areas of colour. Each team is given a board with numbers to indicate which areas to paint with specific colours. We don’t need to have an artistic side to create this beautiful work of art, and let’s not forget how therapeutic painting can be.

Kids School Clay Moulding

Sculpting with clay has always been a favourite with children and what better way to represent a teams visual goal than with this fun challenge! Let your imaginations go wild! Modelling clay promotes creativity and encourages self-expression. This challenge involves the use of coloured plasticine which is a putty-like clay made of calcium salts, petroleum jelly and aliphatic acids. The most famous brand today is called ‘Play Dough’ Push, pull squish and squeeze your clay into your favourite 3D animal, or shape etc. and if your team doesn’t like it – mash it all up and start again.

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