Bangkok Transportation and Getting Around Safely

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Bangkok Transportation and Getting Around Safely. Let’s take a look at the different methods of transportation around Bangkok. Which is the safest form or transportation in Bangkok, and which is the most fun! Covering over 1,500 square kilometres there’s a lot of Bangkok to explore. Whether you’re on your own, in a group, or on a mission as part of our Amazing Race, using the safest form of transportation in Bangkok is vital.

Bangkok Transportation Safety – Trains

BTS Skytrain – Bangkok Mass Transit System

It’s clean, efficient and easy to navigate, and more importantly, it’s fast! BTS transportation runs on two lines throughout the city’s main areas and over the river and beyond. When road traffic has come to a standstill you are best getting the Skytrain. Plans began for this system back in the early ’80s and it was opened in 1999.

Access is via escalators or stairs and there is a lift for the elderly or physically disabled. Tickets are bought from machines or kiosks located at each access gate.

We found if you are going to 3 or more stations/locations it’s best to buy a one day pass. Not only does this save money, but during rush hour it avoids those extra long queues.

BTS Skytrain Bangkok Transportation

When using a one day pass passengers simply slide the card across the top of the entree gate machine. A one day pass can be used up to midnight. There is also a BTS connection from Suvarnabhumi International Airport making transportation quick, convenient and a way to avoid the taxi queues.