Build a Bear Bangkok Cuddly Companions Workshop for Kids

Build a bear Bangkok is a corporate CSR event for kids. A children’s event tailored around CSR – corporate social responsibility. These type of events have become very popular for team buildings. Your group can decide on any of the build a bear CSR workshops below or perhaps choose all of them. Building teddy bears is a team building Bangkok activity for underprivileged children in your community.

There’s no better feeling than donating to children which guarantees the largest impact, as your teams witnesses how all their hard work, creativity and collaboration put precious smiles on these children’s faces. Building a bear is all about creating a cuddly companion, while building a wheelchair is about creating mobility. Put them together, and you’ve got a team-building activity that’s both heartwarming and uplifting.

Build a Bear Bangkok Workshops

Build-A-Bear Workshop offers a variety of team building activities for corporate events. Here are some examples of Build-A-Bear corporate team building activities:

  • Build A Bear Workshop Bangkok: The Build-A-Bear team can deliver one-of-a-kind corporate event experiences at a Build-A-Bear Workshop store or at a location of your choice.
  • Build A Bear Care Package: Your team will assemble kits with a bear, customised t-shirt, card, and a drawstring backpack. Each team will personalize a card, stuff the bears, and name them.
  • Teddy Bear Team Building Activity and Event: This Teddy Bear team building activity gives comfort to kids who have been through trauma while building teamwork in your group.
  • Charity Bear Building Challenge: Each team will design and create giant-sized 16” Teddy Bear (or alternative plush toy creature) to be donated to the cause(s) of your choice. Teams naturally.
  • Build A Bear Cuddly Companions Workshop for Kids: Your teams go through an interactive workshop in which the stuffed bears of your choice are assembled and tailored to your own preferences.
  • Teddy Bear Charity Team Building Program: Introduce a fun way to bond by signing up for TeamBonding’s teddy bear charity team building program. This charity challenge is fun and altruistic.

These activities are designed to promote teamwork, collaboration, and communication among team members while providing a fun and engaging experience.

Build a Bear CSR Team Building for Kids

There’s nothing more rewarding than building your own stuffed toy. Especially a giant huggable, and stuffed teddy bear. Teddy bears come in all sizes and colours. You can support your favourite orphanage or charity organisation with a donation of these lovable toys. If you’re looking to bring a little more nostalgic charm to this fun corporate CSR event in Thailand or Singapore event, we can provide the more classic kind of build a bear teddies. These are the traditional brown coloured bears.

Your teams go through an interactive workshop in which the stuffed bears of your choice are assembled and tailored to your own preferences. Building a bear is like building team morale – it takes stuffing, stitching, and a whole lot of heart. And building a bag? Well, that’s just icing on the cake!

Can Build A Bear be Customised for Companies?

Yes, Build A Bear Bangkok team building activities can be customised for specific companies. Our Build A Bear Bangkok Workshop offers a range of customisable options for corporate events, including team building activities, community service projects, convention activities, and philanthropic programs. Activities can be tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of each company.

For example, Build-A-Bear Care Package is a team building activity where teams assemble kits with a bear, customised t-shirt, card, and a drawstring backpack. Each team can personalize the cards, stuff the bears, and name them. This activity can be cust

Build a Teddy – Trivia

Did you know the name Teddy Bear was invented in honour of President Theodore Roosevelt? While on a hunting trip a group of hunters invited Theodore to shoot a buy they had captured and tied to a tree. Theodore Roosevelt viewed this as extremely unsportsmanlike, and refused to shoot the bear. As news on this spread a political cartoonist made a lighthearted, satire cartoon in the Washington Post.

When a candy shop owner Morris Michtom saw this and after receiving Roosevelt’s permission, he made a stuffed to bear with the help of his wife. It became so popular they founded a toy company.

Build a Bear Bangkok Kids CSR Donations

Children could be be present including a representatives to personally thank you for your wonderful donation

CSR Building Activities

CSR Team Building for Kids and Teamwork

Once each team has the necessary materials they start to build their town! Depending on your location this could be at your chosen hotel or local school/orphanage! No planning permission required! The most fun part of this csr event is introducing children to their new town! Watch them play and learn as they run around! Hopefully your buildings will remain standing after! For something more challenging check out our Toy Shop Event where you get to create your own stall! Bangkok is the ideal location for this CSR team building activity.

Activity FAQ’s

Bears, transportation during the event (if required), prize for the winning team member, facilitators, consultants, MC and all associated materials and design.

  • The price quoted excludes food and beverage.
  • A professional photographer (if you need one)
  • Meeting/conference room (required)

We will designate/select a shopping centre near to your chosen hotel or purchase them on your behalf.

No, you don’t need to bring your own bear. We’ll provide one for you! We’ll have a great selection of bears to choose from, including our signature line of signature bears and our brand new line of signature bears.

This is a corporate event, which means that it’s usually for adults only. However, we could arrange for children from a local orphanage to participate with you!

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