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Cheese Tasting in Thailand: Savour The Cheesy Symphony

Corporate Cheese Tasting Thailand
Corporate Cheese Tasting Bangkok
Corporate Cheese Tasting

Know your Jarlsberg from your Gruyere

Can you tell the difference between Stilton and Parmesan? Do you know the difference between a Brie and Camembert? Can you identify one type of cheese from another by sight or smell alone? If not, then it’s time to brush up on your cheese knowledge! At our top-rated cheese tasting evening events, we’ll teach you all about fresh cheeses. As well as how they’re made, when they’re best served and how to pair them with wine or beer. Read more on our cheese tasting in Thailand:

Cheese and Wine Tasting Experience

A cheese tasting evening is a great way to entertain your clients or staff at a corporate event. It’s also a wonderful way to spend an evening with friends and family. Are you thinking of hosting one for your corporate evening? Here’s our guide to the perfect cheese tasting event.

Cheese Tasting Evening Top Cheeses

Cheese tasting is the best way to use your wine collection. It’s an excellent way to get creative with your snacks at corporate events.

Cheese tasting is a great idea because:

  • You can choose how many people you want to invite, so it can be a small or large gathering!
  • It’s cheaper than buying champagne, and you’ll still have lots of fun!
  • You can make it as elaborate or as simple as you like. This depends on your budget, tastes and experience level!

Blind taste challenge

What is a blind tasting challenge? Blind taste challenge: a blind tasting challenge is a fun and interactive activity that helps to educate your guests about cheese. A blind tasting challenge is an activity where you serve cheeses for your guests and get them to guess the type and origin of the cheeses they are eating.

This can be done in two ways:

  • You serve each person one cheese per round, so they don’t know what other people have chosen
  • You serve two different types at once. So everyone knows what they are eating, but not which one they chose first.
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