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Unique Circus Team Building Activities to Entertain You

Circus Team Building Activity Bangkok

Our circus team building knows how to build your corporate group in a way that’s fun, exciting, and memorable.

Circus team building activities are designed to engage employees with each other and their work environment in ways they might not have considered before.

We’ll help you get out of your comfort zone and into one that’s more exciting and rewarding than ever before! Each team has to set up an extraordinary circus show with fun acts: clowns, juggling, balancing, dancing etc. Everyone in the caravan is a selected circus cast member and will have special acts to perform. Dress up as circus clowns, juggling balls, hula hoop dance, make balloon animals and more! After all, you are all a very important part of the show!

It takes many acts to make a great circus which is why your team is a caravan circus, travelling from city to city. This time your destination could be Bangkok, Thailand or even Marina Bay Singapore. Does your company need to step outside of the box? We’re talking about an actual box, but we mean it in the best way possible.

Start by Creating Your Circus Team Building Poster

This fun team building activity in Bangkok event starts with your team members creating and painting a circus poster to advertise your caravan. Grab attention by adding lots of colour to create energy and fun to kick off this event. We can even add your faces to the poster for that extra personal touch!

Circus Team Building Entertainment Acts

These interactive and entertaining team building activities are the perfect choice for your corporate event. Clowns, juggling, hooping and other activities make up this unique and fun event.

Perform a Juggling Act

Perform juggling and balancing acts using balls, clubs and the odd knife or two! Ok, perhaps not the knives but it’s a skill your team will need to master!

Become a Circus Clown

You then create and dress up as clowns adopting an eccentric and fun character using the make-up provided. Don’t worry, it all washes off! You are then given fun time to practice and perform a variety of circus acts, ready for the big top show! Prepare and set up your gags to express your clown’s character.

Circus Team Building Acts with Animals

Train wild animals: tigers, lions and elephants a variety of circus tricks! Unlike some circuses, no animals will be treated cruelly! They could be ferocious though! Okay but seriously! We don’t approve of wild animals being exploited especially in any circus act. We believe wild and exotic animals used for entertainment suffer for their entire lives. Most of these animals were taken at a young age away from their families and endured abusive training methods to do the tricks they perform. Wild animals belong in their natural habitat and not a circus!

Create a Little People Team Theatre

Round off your caravan circus with our ‘Little People’ act to perform a song and dance and you’re ready to go! This part of the act is guaranteed to give everyone laughs! Imagine a puppet show except you are the puppets! Our Circus corporate event in Thailand is a unique and exciting activity that challenges teams to work together, build trust, and foster a sense of camaraderie through fun and thrilling circus-themed challenges. Consider this kind of fun activity for team building in Pattaya!

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