Clean Up Campaigns for Your Local Community and Environment

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Clean Up Campaigns for Your Local Community and Environment. Have you ever gone to a place and seen that it isn’t well-kept and wondered why? This is mostly due to a lack of community support and manpower. Our clean up campaigns will get the area back in shape!

This is where groups like yours come in to assist in cleaning up and maintaining communities in need of help.

This a rewarding hands-on opportunity to engage your group in giving back to the community. These events are not just important to assist communities but to gain experience and credibility through your community service efforts.

Event Duration: 4-5 hours (can be a full day event)
Group Size: 25 – 500+ (dependent on location)
Location: Anywhere that needs cleaning
Benefits: Shared common goals, balanced participation, leadership and communication.

What better experience is there than being a part of a community and understand how you can positively impact their neighbourhood.

Clean Up Campaigns Thailand

Clean Up Campaigns Bangkok

Bangkok is easily prone to pollution and ideal for any team building clean up campaign. This could be located around the the famous Chao Phraya River, the local streets or something a little more laid back such as a temple.

Clean Up Campaigns Hua Hin

Although the beaches in Hua Hin are not as bad as Pattaya, there are still times the beaches need a good clean

Pollution is mostly plastic bottles, and old rope etc. Why not follow this with our Hua Hin beach raft-building or some beach sports including volleyball as an end to a perfect day.

Clean Up Campaigns Pattaya

Although Pattaya is becoming much cleaner than it’s past history a good clean up campaign would’t go unappreciated! There are also temples and parks all in need of a good tidy and cleanup!

Clean Up Campaigns |  A Sense of Belonging

Nothing fosters a sense of community and positivity like a community-wide cleaning campaign! Residents and visitors alike can see how much we care for our community by the effort we put into cleaning it and keeping it as beautiful as it is meant to be.

Keeping important areas clean can promote tourism and increased business, and act as an amazing way to give back to the community that we all care so much about.

Hands On Experience

This is a fun, engaging, hands-on event that lets members of the community give back and learn about caring for their environment at the same time. The skills you and your group will gain can be carried through to benefit more communities in the future.

Quotations are inclusive of:

Supplies for this event may include bin bags, gloves, rakes, brooms, paint, paintbrushes, gardening materials and more which is dependent on the project you have chosen.