Comic Strip Storyboarding will Unleash Your Creativity

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Comic Strip identifies talented and gifted teams by their ability to make “unusual connections.” Comic Strip is the perfect team-building event which and is very similar to our Directors Cut movie making on an iPad.

From planning to production, except you are making a comic book and not a movie. This innovative comic strip event will inspire everyone to approach creativity in new ways.

Event Duration: 4-5 hours (could be a full day event)
Group Size: 50 – 100+ (dependent on your chosen location)
Location: Anywhere across Thailand (recommend a city or town)
Benefits: Shared common goals, balanced participation, leadership and communication.

Comic Strip Team Creativity events start with teams planning and writing stories following a sequence of ideas given by all team members. Armed with digital camera teams depart from the hotel and take photographs related to their stories.

Participants then return and use an iPad provided by us to import and edit their comic strip. Adding captions and word balloons are very easy using the drag and drop method.

Comic Strip Team Creativity Goals

Our Comic Strip team building event is ideal for organisations that want to enhance their conferences with specific topics and allow their members to participate by filling the blanks with their own experience, opinions and solutions.

  • A great visual Representation of Knowledge
  • Engaging through thinking, creating and writing.
  • Help organisations through storytelling and storyboarding
  • Using visual images to convey the meaning of a story or topic
  • Develops creative and higher-level thought processes
  • Develops composition techniques through visual-verbal connections

Comic Strip Ideas For The Event

Tell a story, a day at work, a new identity or even teamwork are just a few ideas for your comic strip. How about using your client reviews or even about your organisation. The challenging part is making these images interesting and to tell a story.

Making Your Comic Strips

Once you have decided what you want to publish your next step is to create the storyline. This will be the foundation to your comic so planning is important. You then need to decide on your format, how many rows and panels. All the rows should be the same width and height although you can change the number of rows.

Don’t add too much text and limit the number of text balloons to make it easy to read and enjoy. Make sure the text is always the same size as the speech bubble.

Publishing Your Comics

Our comic strips are made to fit a4 size paper so you can easily print them. We use the format PDF which is the easiest way to share and publish online to a website or even FaceBook.

Quotations are inclusive of:

iPads, editing software, colour printer, transportation during the shoot (if required), prize for each winning team member, consultants, MC, professional photographer and all materials and design.