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Comic Strip Team Building will Unleash Your Creativity

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Comic Strip identifies talented and gifted teams by their ability to make “unusual connections.” Comic Strip is the perfect team-building event which is very similar to our Directors Cut movie making on an iPad. From planning to production, except you are making a comic book and not a movie. This innovative comic strip event will inspire everyone to approach creativity in new ways.

Comic Strip Team Creativity events start with teams planning and writing stories following a sequence of ideas given by all team members. Armed with digital camera teams depart from the hotel and take photographs related to their stories. Participants then return and use an iPad provided by us to import and edit their comic strip. Adding captions and word balloons are very easy using the drag and drop method. You could even add a few icebreaker questions!

Get ready to unleash your inner super hero with comic book team building! Whether you’re creating your own super hero characters or painting a mural of your favorite comic book scene, these activities are sure to bring your team closer together. Don’t worry if you’re not a great artist – the key is to have fun and not take yourself too seriously. So grab your capes and get ready for some epic team building!

7 Reasons for Choosing Comic Strip:

  1. It’s seriously fun!
  2. It can be used as an icebreaker at the start of an event
  3. The process of creating a comic is collaborative, so it helps build relationships between teammates
  4. It allows everyone on your team to contribute ideas and experiences, which makes everyone feel more invested in the project and in each other’s success
  5. It’s more than just drawing pictures—it’s about writing and storytelling, which is something we all do every day and can benefit from practicing!
  6. Comics are visual, which means they’re easier for most people to understand than written reports or presentations—they’re accessible to many different types of learners, which makes them great for all kinds of audiences
  7. The combination of images with words draws people in quickly and keeps them engaged throughout the story, so if someone doesn’t like one part of your presentation there’s always another thing coming up next that might interest them more instead!
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