Corporate Boot Camp for Training and Fitness in Thailand & Singapore

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Corporate Boot Camp Thailand & Singapore. We offer the best way to get fit while having fun in the great outdoors and can range from a half day up to two days! The key to our corporate members’ fitness in Thailand & Singapore is the motivation provided by our professional instructors.

They will deliver a series of intense corporate boot camp exercises focusing on strength training, fat loss and cardiovascular conditioning.

As there will be no military men screaming and shouting at you, there’s no need to be afraid of our corporate boot camp events. Physical exercise should be fun and you can work at your ability level. Perhaps with a little pushing from us now and then!

We recommend around 4-5 hours for this event although this could be a full day event.

Group Size: 25 to 200+ (dependent on location)
Location: Anywhere across Asia
Benefits: Shared common goals, balanced participation, leadership and communication.

More companies in Thailand and Singapore today understand to improve their business performance, health and fitness has to play a part in the organisation’s strategy. A healthy employee is much more productive than a colleague who is more prone to sickness.

What to Expect from Corporate Boot Camp

Corporate boot camp workouts have been designed to give you an insight on how to get you into shape. We’re not here to turn you into soldiers or marines, but to provide a physical workout that should change your lifestyle. It does require determination and your mental and physical limits will be tested.

Corporate Boot Camp Obstacle Courses

Starting with an assault course, which comes in different shapes and sizes; you’ll have to race with your team across the course to see who has the quickest legs or at least who have had the most practice at fence hoping!

The demanding corporate boot camp assault course includes a wall climb, tyres, balance beams and balance poles to negotiate and swings and river crossings. You’ll probably gain a few bruises by the end of the day but that’s part of the fun of an assault course.

Benefits of Corporate Boot Camp

Corporate boot camp is different when compared to regular boot camp, as unlike regular clients exercising for themselves, on a corporate level you are all working out and competing with each other. You will develop relationships with your colleagues through friendly competition, and support each other along the way.

How to Prepare for Basic Training

Always start with stretching and light exercise to reduce any likelihood of strains and injury. Don’t overdo it as your focus should be to build confidence by taking one step at a time. Get your body and mind acclimatised to basic training first.

Eliminate any bad habits such as drinking, smoking and of course eating junk food! Eating higher-quality foods decreases the number of process chemicals entering your body, thus reducing inflammation and improving recovery. Being better prepared is a must for speedy muscle recovery.

Quotations are inclusive of:

Prize for the winning team member, budget for any required challenge purchases, consultants, MC, professional photographer.