Corporate Branding and Marketing Workshops to Enhance, Effective Teamwork

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Corporate Branding and Marketing Workshops. Corporate Branding and Marketing Workshops.  Your teams put their ideas into practice and build a new brand label. Teams need to sell their brand vision and strategy to a panel of evaluators.

Our Corporate Branding events take your group through a series of brand creation stages, while developing teamwork.

Event Duration: 4-5 hours (can be a full day event)
Group Size: 25 – 200+ (dependent on location)
Location: At your chosen hotel (meeting room required)
Benefits: Shared common goals, balanced participation, leadership and communication.

Corporate Branding – Stage 1 – Product Ideas

Everything in business starts with an idea. Come up with new product ideas and identify target markets – Food, clothing, services etc – and everything in between.

Corporate Branding – Stage 2 – Preparation

Create logos branded to their new identity and plan how it will be marketed

“Through artwork and, and models, including written materials, each. Team works together to be boardroom-ready. Teams have time to organise, rehearse, and fine-tune their approach before their performance.”

Corporate Branding – Stage 3 – Presentation

It’s corporate presentation time. Your participants persuade a panel of judges with their convincing sales pitch.

each team explains their campaign strategy, from social media to digital marketing. With a Q&A under fire, the day ends with the Best Brand

Corporate Branding Thailand Awards

We all sometimes work under pressure. Why not engage your group by developing corporate brand awareness.
This creative business centred project challenges individuals. Let’s put their marketing skills to the test.

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Prize for the winning team members, budget for any required challenge purchases, consultants, MC, professional photographer.