Painting and Art Corporate Team Building for Creativity

Unleash your team’s creativity with our corporate painting and art team building workshops in Thailand and Singapore. Tap into your creative side with a Thailand painting and art event. More and more organizations are choosing this team building exercise. Why? Because it’s relaxing and therapeutic. This has to be one of the best events to enhance a team’s creativity. Each team creates an individual piece of art. When they place each canvas together, it reveals an even bigger picture.

Corporate Painting and Art Team Building

This event can be tailored to suit individual teams’ requirements and the subject of your art workshop (including materials) can be decided in advance of the event. But why stop at just painting? Comic book team building is the perfect way to combine your love of superheroes and teamwork. You can all create your own comic book characters and then work together to create a story arc that brings them all together. Maybe one person creates a hero with super strength, while another creates a villain with mind control powers. The possibilities are endless – and hilarious.

On completion, the artwork sections are placed together to form the final masterpiece! Your group will be divided into smaller teams for this fun art event. We provide all the necessary art materials – coloured pencils, watercolours pastels, gouache and canvas etc. Art is an outlet for self-expression and a great stress reliever. Breaks are given throughout this event enabling participants to freely walk around and look at each other’s artwork. You will be amazed at the quality of artwork your teams can create. This is one event you can physically take home with you at the end.

Corporate Painting Workshops in Thailand

Our Art Attack event is a workshop heavily focused on creativity and communication. It enables team members to exchange ideas and information from start to finish. This also includes the most important team characteristics: leadership and valued diversity! Learning the art of team building doesn’t come overnight and takes hard work but at the end, there’s no better feeling than putting together and being a part of a great team. – Deke Copenhaver

Painting Workshops Experience

What exactly are Corporate Painting Workshops? Simply put – they are specifically for teams to enhance their creative side – via painting.

No art experience is required

We often hear expressions of panic. “I can’t paint“, “I am no good at art“. The good news is you don’t have to be! Anyone that has never picked up a paintbrush can still participate and have fun. Perhaps you’ll learn how to paint and sketch long the way!

How is painting and art therapeutic

Painting allows you to release the stresses of the day and focus on creating. It allows you to step outside yourself, giving you something new to focus on. Humans derive great pleasure when given an opportunity to create something. It’s in our DNA.

Graffiti Art

Graffiti art can be utilised for corporate painting workshops. Usually, you are allowed to create on a wall, using spray paints. Graffiti art is extremely liberating. Sometimes, there is a creative rebel within just waiting to be unleashed!

Painting Abstract Art

You may be introduced to Abstract art where you are not asked to paint any particular object, but just create with colours. Abstract Art has a lot to do with what you are feeling at the moment. It’s an opportunity to see your emotions on canvas.

Definitions of Art

If you are worried, that what you are going to create cannot be classified as art, here are two definitions that should but you at ease. “Art is a visual display of creativity to be appreciated mostly for its beauty and emotional appeal.” It’s also an expression of our thoughts, emotions, intuitions, and desires that we choose to share. These definitions show you that anything can be art and you should just relax and enjoy the experience.

Some Painting Ideas

At the workshop, you may be asked to paint an object. You may have to work with a partner. What you will have to paint will never hard. It may be a tree or some other object from nature or a still object like a vase that the instructor has in the room. Corporate Events in Thailand has never been more fun and creative than with our corporate painting activity, which promotes collaboration and boosts team morale. Why not Immerse your team in a unique cultural experience with our alternate Thai umbrella painting, creating vibrant masterpieces that will add a touch of elegance to your corporate setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

The materials provided for the painting activity typically include canvas, paint, and brushes. If there are any specific requests or needs, these can be discussed with the organizer beforehand.

No, prior painting experience is not necessary to participate. This activity is designed to be fun and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their skill level. The focus is on creativity and expression, not on perfection.

Yes, the paintings created by the participants can usually be taken home. This is a great way to keep the memories of the team building event alive and serve as a reminder of the experience.

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