Corporate Team Building Thailand. 5 Top Fun Locations.

Corporate Team Building Thailand

Get the 5 top locations for corporate team building Thailand. Our innovative corporate, team building Thailand activities are fun and challenging! With activities, you can interact on an informal level. Here are some great locations other than Bangkok for any corporate team building Thailand.

Would you like to have a fun team building activity outside of Bangkok? First you need to know where is the best place in Thailand for each specific event! Some activities are only suited to certain locations. Such as our Amazing Races which are best for cities. Raft Building – on a beach!

Corporate Team Building Thailand – Top 5 Locations

Hua Hin Activities and Attractions

For Hua Hin we recommend: Amazing Races, Raft Building, Build a Bike, Movie Making and all CSR events.

Raft Building on a Beach in Hua Hin
Teams enter the sea with their rafts in Hua Hin Thailand

Khao Takiab Temple, Phra Mongku in Hua Hin is a top choice! Hua Hin has beautiful sandy beaches and iconic locations. Visit Khao Takiab Temple, Phra Mongkut Klao Pavilion, and the Fishing Village. Hua Hin, Thailand is our favorite location for any corporate event.

Hua Hin also has great supporting attractions such as: sunbathing, snorkelling and swimming. We can also combine some of these into our fun Thailand Amazing Races. Why team building in Hua Hin is the best location for any team building event.

Pattaya Activities and Attractions

Team building Pattaya activities. We have been delivering Amazing Races and Bike Build in Pattaya for almost 18 years. Pattaya is fantastic for action team events: Paint Ball, Go Karting, and ATV’s.

Pattaya Fun Action Events

Pattaya has go-cart racing tracks, paint-ball arenas, bungee jumping, and gun ranges. Karting and paintball activities in Pattaya are some of the the best in Thailand. That’s if you’re looking for some adrenaline fun.

Scavenger Team Building Walking Street Pattaya
Team building events in Pattaya

Note: **we no longer endorse Jet-skiing or para sailing. Removed from our event selection in Pattaya**

We also include other attractions in our corporate events. Interesting locations include: Wat Phra Yai, Radio Tower Pattaya Viewpoint, and Walking Street. Wat Phra Yai temple sits on the top of Pratumnak Hill, between Pattaya and Jomtien Beach.

The Lord Buddha is 18 metres tall and impossible to miss. This is the highlight of the temple and a must see which is why we built this iconic location into our events. Read our article: Is Pattaya a suitable location for corporate team building?

Phuket, Thailand Activities

Team building Phuket activities. There are a variety of other exciting attractions which are easy to get to. Popular attractions include: Phuket Aquarium, Phuket FantaSea, Chalong Temple, and some beautiful Waterfalls.

Rom Thep Cape is a scenic location for some dramatic sunsets. Phang Nga Bay is amazing for limestone cliffs, caves, mangroves, and fishing villages. Let’s not forget James Bond Island. Limestone towers the jut out around the waters. These are the most distinctive features in Phuket. Most of the bay is now protected and an ideal location to discover wild life, caves and rivers.

Chiang Mai Activities

Our Amazing Race takes teams to: beautiful temples, Chiang Mai Zoo and more. Visitors can view species in their natural habitat. We also add a little shopping from local handicraft stalls. Chiang Mai also has excellent places for trekking, white water rafting and cycling.

Chiang Mai Temples

Chiang Mai is around 700km from Bangkok and has more than 300 temples. This old city centre has a moat and walls making it striking. Chiang Mai is a fast growing city, and yet, still manages keep its rich history and traditions.

Outside the town centre is Doi Pui Suthep National Park and Wat Doi Suthep. Place this as your top location to visit. It sits at the top of Doi Suthep mountain giving amazing views all over Chiang Mai.

Koh Samui Activities

Koh Samui has around eighty islands making this another popular event location. Koh Samui would be ideal for our Castaway – bamboo raft building. This event is ideal for Pattaya, and Hua Hin but Koh Samui has a nicer selection of beautiful beaches.

Koh Samui is the third largest island in Thailand. The most popular beaches is Chaweng. It’s approximately 7 km long with powdery white sand while Lamai is more rocky. The central area of Koa Samui is jungle and mountains and connected by a road that runs around the coastline.

Awesome Activities You Won’t Hate!

What comes to mind when we talk about team building? “Not another boring team building activity“.

Most people today believe that events should be fun, and entertaining. This inspired us to always refrain from any kind of teamwork, coaching lectures!

We don’t deliver the typical, old and event games such as ‘close your eyes and fall backwards‘. Most corporates know this and have more than likely done it already. Innovation has always been leading the way to our games and activities in Thailand for almost 20 years.

**Our corporate team building Thailand activities engage people without being boring or hated.**

The Purpose of our Team Building Thailand Events

As your group gets more involved, the effectiveness of teamwork increases. By end of the event, your group will have opened up to effective communication. They will have a better understanding of the team process.

  • Assist participants to diagnose what they do well
  • Aid in the decision making and understand communication and leadership styles
  • To surface hidden or latent issues
  • Show methods that group members can use to improve the quality of their time together

What is Corporate Team Building Thailand?

Team building is the process of turning a group of individuals into a cohesive team. It is a great opportunity for groups to get to know each other through FUN corporate teamwork activities. Teamwork games can also provide your group an opportunity to examine what’s working and what needs to improve.

Consider our Corporate Team Building Thailand an Investment

Teamwork is an important investment. Your employees can build trust, encourage communication, increase collaboration and much more.

Our activities don’t feel like another day at the office. Events establish a direction for your organisation. They empower you to achieve your desired business results. Thank you for reading our corporate team building Thailand article.

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