CSR Corporate Social Responsibility Team Building Events

Our CSR events can be delivered in Thailand, Singapore or anywhere throughout Asia.

CSR Charity Team Building Events.

Participate from a selection of our awesome charity CSR (corporate social responsibility) team building activities. We are now tailoring many of our events around CSR activities due to requests from organisations in Thailand and Singapore.

We strongly believe in supporting local communities and now recognise CSR as part of our business model

It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.

Our selection of CSR events offer an ethical and sustainable way to deal with environmental and social impacts.

Our Event Locations

You can now connect your company with the local Thai and Singapore communities from a large selection of our charity team building events.

Build a bike, environmental clean up campaigns, and Captain CSR are just a few from the list below.

These fun events can be delivered anywhere across Thailand, Singapore or anywhere throughout Asia.

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Our Top CSR Events