Event Branding and Awareness with Your Name & Logo

Event Branding

Event Branding and Awareness with Your Corporate Name & Logo. Invest your business in one of our events, branded to your companies services or products. Did we forget to mention, it also includes adding your company logo! Working closely with you, we provide events that can be tailored to your corporate name, services and products. Branded events means we also add your logo to any event activity.

Our Corporate Team Building games will actively turn teamwork into results by learning new team techniques to reduce errors, increase communication and inspire innovation.

Team building in Bangkok is not only enjoyable, but also affordable. We have many options that suit your budget, schedule, and preferences. You can choose from different activities, locations, and durations. We can even customise your itinerary to fit your goals and needs.

Importance of Corporate Event Branding

By corporate branding our events the locals and people you interact with will relate to your business and identify your products and services. Your brand identity is what distinguishes you from other businesses so why not build this into one of our events!

You logo, tagline or your particular colour scheme can be added to our materials which will also assist with marketing and promotions. The way your organisation presents itself to the public is part of your corporate identity or corporate image. We provide you with a media attention to use as a toll while participating in one of our events.

Corporate Event Branding and Team Building

Your company’s brand is what makes you instantly recognisable. All our corporate team building events can be branded. Thus, it helps your teams identify tangible topics related to their workplace, it reinforces teamwork. Our amazing races for example, can have the challenges adapted to your organisation.

Let’s not forget some of our CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility events such as Captain CSR can improve your public image. This also gives you free media visibility. Let the general public know about your desire to promote the welfare of others. This increases your chances of becoming favourable in the eyes of your consumers.

Team Work Focused

The most important characteristic of any team is effective communication. Our events offer encouragement by getting your teams to collaborate and become open to new ideas. By working together, your colleagues will feel more comfortable leading to a more productive and collaborative team. Teamwork benefits the employer as well as the employees. Sharing and working towards a common goal allows your team to feel connected to the company. Build on each other’s skills to create outstanding results by learning from your team members.

Team Building Missions

Primary missions of our corporate events include the following, problem solving activities:

  • puzzles, codes and riddles,
  • identification of prominent landmarks,
  • interaction with local agents,
  • utilisation of budgets and various modes of local transport,
  • communication, negotiation and collaboration skills.

We understand the importance of your budget and we’re committed to help you find the best corporate event to suit your company’s needs. Whatever your objectives are, we’re sure to have something to offer. If you are looking for a Corporate event branding event, why not contact us today for a quotation. We are able to deliver team building events from as little as 6 pax to large groups of over 500.

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