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Fashion team building design, and catwalk events.

Our Catwalk is a unique team building Thailand and Singapore event developed to enhance teamwork through creativity. You know you were destined to be a fashion designer when you spent most of your childhood making clothes for your Barbie dolls or Action Men. Perhaps you were reading fashion magazines instead of playing with your friends and doing your work! read more on this creative, fashion team building activity. This is a great opportunity to create a stunning selection of clothes to your newly created fashion brand label! If you want to be the next Yves Saint Laurent or Versace then this team building Thailand activity is for those who are completely and utterly obsessed with fashion!

We provide you with all the basic tools to create your Catwalk team building fashion show. Including: front row tickets, designers (you), runway models (you), and of course all the necessary fashion, tailoring equipment. Delivered in 3 stages this could easily be a full day corporate event.

Fashion Team Building Thailand and Singapore

Bargain Shopping

Your event starts with haggling at numerous bargain shopping areas around the local markets. Time to brush up on your bargaining power. Whether you’re looking for Thai silks or hunting down a must-have trendy item, to dazzle your peers at your catwalk, you won’t be let down in with our designated locations! Teams also need to select their models who should be stage-ready – in time to compete on the catwalk.

Create your Garments

Back at the workshop, your teams create beautifully shaped garments from all the materials purchased on the shopping spree! Your aim is to create/design a new trend, a creative flair and a unique fashion perspective! Participants create their on-trend style for each of their models during this fun fashion event! Clothes, accessories, as well as hair and make-up, are all tied-in together to fashion a complete look that has model potential both on stage and for a fun photo shoot. Advice is offered to help create a professional edge.

Fashion Team Building Preparation and Practice

Preparation, practice and teamwork are put to the test with rehearsals. Teams advise models on how to walk, as well as how to come up with and deliver answers, to judges’ questions.

Showcase Your Brand

Showtime! Team efforts pay off as the models strut their stuff and interviewed by judges before the votes are cast for Mr & Miss Corporate Brand and best brand label The last stage of this fashion show also requires teams to choreograph and stage their own unique catwalk fashion team building show. Complete with commentary, music and your very own selection of catwalk models! The shows will be as varied as the diverse collections presented by each team!

With no second chances, teams are challenged to work and bring all their skills together using their individual and combined creativity and practical abilities. Teams get visually creative by perfecting a model style to represent them on stage; someone who will walk and talk their way to success, with a panel of judges ready to crown the winners. Did we forget to mention you also get a model shoot with our professional event photographers!

Catwalk Event Awards

Each team is presented with an award and portfolio of their models’ photoshoot to gain the full effect of their team efforts.

How to Start Your Clothing Brand

You need to ask yourself a few questions before you start. Think about who will want to wear your clothes, what makes them special, and what identity you want your brand to have. Each team decides what kind of clothing line they’re going to offer. Collect data and identify the market. Decide on a niche, men’s, women’s, sports, outdoor, adventure, and who the potential clients will be. Don’t forget the brand name and logo!

Fashion Team Building Dress Up Ideas

There are no limits on the style, design or materials you would like to use for your fashion brand label. It could be a simple pair of denim to a skirt made of pasta! Showcase your clothing made of food and get to eat it afterwards! Create layers and add even more layers. Other ideas could be plastic bags, sticky tape, tinfoil and just about anything your team can get their hands on.

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