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Beach Sports Thailand: Volleyball and Football.

Beach Sports ThailandBeach Sports Thailand
Beach Sports Thailand
Beach Sports Thailand

Fun Beach Sports Across Thailand

Football and volleyball beach sports Thailand for fun and energetic corporate events. Our fun half and full day sports events can be played on almost any beach in Thailand. Another perfect activity for developing teamwork in your organisation. If your group has a passion for football or volleyball then our corporate beach sports could be for you!

For more teamwork focused events we would highly recommend our raft-building and cardboard boat building. This is the perfect event to enhance tactics and techniques that make up a successful team. Throughout these beach sport activities, all participants are required to pull together and support each other – to become winning teams!

Your group will be divided into approx 11 players per team excluding substitutes. This Thailand team building event is not just focused on the players! The rest of your group not wishing to play can still participate by becoming: linesmen, referees, managers, photographers, football presenters, coaches and the odd hooligan or two! After all, this is a fun type of team building Hua Hin event for everyone! Why not add some of oursports day activities for your Thailand beach sports event!

Football – Thailand Beach Sports

Why not choose your favourite team to create a World Cup, European Cup, FIFA Club World Cup, or Asian Cup match! How about recreating a Manchester United versus Liverpool match wearing the famous colours! Red cards will be handed out!

Beach Sports and Teamwork

The strength of the entire team lies in the hands of each member. At the same time, the ultimate strength of individual members is the team itself – Phil Jackson, Chicago Bulls. Teamwork is heavily dependent on trust. Without trust, you have a group of bodies all playing as one and a team without teamwork could never be successful. 

Beach sports serve as the inspiration for the exhilarating challenges and spirited competitions that make up the heart of Beach Olympics, bringing the joy of playing in the sun and sand to the realm of team-building and friendly rivalry.If you’re looking for something new then “Get Ready for the Ultimate Bangkok Challenge: Amazing Race” The most popular football and volleyball sports in Thailand.

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