Lego Team Building. Nothing Builds a Great Team Like Lego

Lego Team Building Thailand Singapore

Hey there, LEGO enthusiasts in Thailand! Get ready to embark on an exciting journey of team building through the magic of LEGO! We believe that LEGO isn’t just about building bricks; it’s about building stronger, more cohesive teams. Our LEGO Thailand team building activities are designed to be not only educational but also incredibly enjoyable! The main goal of our LEGO activities is to enhance communication and problem-solving skills within your team. But here’s the best part: it’s all wrapped up in a package of pure fun!

We understand that sometimes working together can be a bit challenging, especially when not everyone in the group gets along perfectly. That’s where LEGO Team Building comes to the rescue! Our aim is to help you get to know your team members better, fostering stronger connections and more efficient collaboration. Through LEGO, you’ll discover that you can build not only awesome creations but also stronger bonds with your colleagues. Let’s build something awesome together! The event begins with some fun icebreaker questions.

Team building in Bangkok is not only enjoyable, but also affordable. We have many options that suit your budget, schedule, and preferences. You can choose from different activities, locations, and durations. We can even customise your itinerary to fit your goals and needs.

Example: Lego Team Building Activities:

The Lego Team Building – Tower Challenge

We’ll start with a classic. This Lego challenge has your group split into even teams, ideally with 3-5 members. The rule is that the team that builds the largest standing tower in a limited frame of time will be the winner. The tower must be sturdy enough that it stands on its own for 60 seconds, so plan it carefully! This challenge may see those with natural leadership qualities take the lead and can be an interesting way to analyse your employee’s strengths and weaknesses. It can be made more interesting by not allowing the teams to speak during the construction, or by telling them to build it on uneven or shaky surfaces. The more obstacles in place, the more they will have to work together as a team to overcome!

Building Bridges with Lego

If it’s not too on the nose, you may choose to include the Lego bridge building exercise to really enforce the idea of coming together. It’s a simple one; divide your group into two teams and give each team bricks to build half of a bridge. Place a sheet between them so one team can’t see what the other one is constructing. They must rely solely on verbal communication with each other to explain how it looks and how they can fit it together. When both have their parts completed, remove the sheet and allow them to try and find a way to link their parts together, no matter how vastly different or haphazard they are. A time limit on this exercise can add to the fun and to their ability to work under pressure!

Using Lego to Relate to Workplace Situations

Every place of work has its problems. Maybe Susan keeps stealing a sandwich out of the fridge, or Dave won’t stop sending inappropriate chain emails from 2004. Instead of just talking through these problems or issues, it can take the edge and discomfort off the situation slightly if you use Lego to recreate scenarios that employees have to deal with in work. Try using groups of two to four people to recreate some situations using Lego pieces, all within a 10-15 minute period. People are more likely to relate and participate with something they can physically see, so making “snapshots” of people or situations with the Lego may prove more productive than spelling out words on a whiteboard!

Lego Team Building Play Kits

If you needed any more evidence that Lego can be an essential part of team building, then look no further; Lego’s own “Serious Play” kits are designed specifically to be used in professional and team building environments.

You can use any kind of Lego for your team building sessions, but these are geared solely towards that kind of use. This is especially helpful with the likes of recreating workplace situations or role-playing, as the kits come equipped with objects such as wheels, mini figures, windows, trees and office devices. The Serious Play kits work so well because they help engage in real world problems without getting too personal or upsetting anybody’s feelings (which is very easy to do these days)! They’re available to purchase from Lego’s official online shop for a very reasonable price, so if you’re planning any team building exercises in the future, it’s a purchase worth considering!

The Secret Ingredient for Lego Team Building

It’s not like you can’t have an enjoyable lego team building class simply with your employees and your Lego, but to make it as successful as possible, it’s probably best to hire a professional facilitator. A facilitator will have a lot of experience with these kinds of workshops and will be the best person to help your session go off without a hitch. Check out Marko Rillo, known as the most experienced Lego facilitator in the world. Don’t be afraid to reach out to him to ask for his help or see if he has recommendations for you!

Lego Team Building – Let’s Put it All Together

So as you may have realised, Lego team building has uses far beyond childhood play; working adults like to have a bit of fun, too! The more engaging and encouraging you make your team building classes, the more likely your employees are to take a good memory or lesson away from the session that will hopefully have a positive impact in your workplace in the future. There are plenty of resources and websites out there to help you plan these sessions and bring them to life, so if you’re tired of the same old icebreaker exercises that make all your colleague’s eyes roll, take the chance and put together a Lego team building day! At worst, it can be a fun memory. Contact us today for more info on our corporate events in Thailand & Singapore.

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Activity FAQ’s

Lego bricks/sets, prize for the winning team member, facilitators, consultants, MC and all associated materials and design.

  • Meeting/conference room (required)
  • The price quoted excludes food and beverage.
  • A professional photographer (if you need one)

Lego building sessions are a fun and dynamic way to encourage creativity, communication and critical thinking in teams. Members work together to build a structure out of Lego, using a basic set of instructions, before critiquing the structure as a team.

Yes we use real legos! Using real legos is a perfect way for teams to bond and build camaraderie and trust with one another. This will allow for more open communication during the session, as well as a solid foundation for future collaboration and creative thinking.

Lego team building can be as “expensive” as you want it to be. It all depends on your budget and how much you are willing to spend in order to create a truly memorable corporate event. When clients ask me this question, it usually means that they have an overall idea of budget but want to know a range so that we can work within the parameters of the desired spending amount.

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