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Long Tail Boat Racing in Bangkok James Bond Style

Long Tail boat racing in Bangkok along the Chao Phraya River. The Gold Rush is a team long-tail boat race team building activity for all you James Bond fans. If you remember that wild boat race along the rivers of Bangkok in ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’, then this outdoor team building event for you!

Escape the congestion and traffic jams in Bangkok. Dive into a world of barges, ferries and long-tail boats. All surrounded by historical landmarks scattered along the Chaopraya river. Also known as the River of Kings this is a fun team building river boat race ‘never to be forgotten. that could make a great name for the next Bond movie!

Long Tail Boat Race vs Amazing Race

The Gold Rush is similar to our popular Thailand amazing races. However, teams travel along the river and canals. It’s the best way to avoid all the traffic jams.

The Chao Phraya river is the most important transportation artery for a network of cross-river ferries, and river taxis – mostly used by the long-tails boats. There are more than 15 boat lines which operate along the rivers and canals including numerous commuter lines.

  1. Get ready for an unforgettable experience on the Chao Phraya River with our Gold Rush”
  2. Experience the thrill of high-speed boat racing and bond with your team like never before.”
  3. Join the competition and showcase your teamwork and strategy skills in this exciting outdoor event.”
  4. Take a trip down memory lane and relive the iconic boat race from James Bond’s ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’.”
  5. Get your heart racing as you navigate the twists and turns of the Chao Phraya River.”
  6. Enjoy a unique team building activity that is both challenging and exhilarating.”
  7. Sail to victory with your team and make memories that will last a lifetime.”
  8. Join the fun and bring out your adventurous side with the Gold Rush boat race in Bangkok.”

Long Tail Boat Pros

  • Authentic cultural experience
  • Explore hidden gems & lesser-known areas
  • Unique photo opportunities
  • An unforgettable experience

Long Tail Boat Cons

  • Limited seating and space
  • Noise and vibrations can make you sick
  • Engine fumes can be unpleasant
  • Consider the weather forecast
  • High cost for long tail boat rental

Long Tail Boat Racing Bangkok Locations

This event has been tailored to give teams enough time you visit amazing landmarks. Some locations may be The Grande Palace, Floating Market, The Royal Barge National Museum, and the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. Of course, we throw in a little fun shopping! Teams will face a series of challenges at each of these locations and gain points based upon their success and completion of the tasks.

Long Tail Boat Race Bangkok Prices

Prices are dependent on the length of time you book the boat, destinations and number of people. It could easily range from THB 800 to over THB 3000 per boat. When we quote for our Chao Phraya River race, a private long-tail boat has been included for each team.

Are Long Tail boats Safe?

There are times I do get a little nervous! When the river is a little choppy you can get a bumpy, rough ride. Sometimes they feel like they’re tipping. However, I have never come across any stories of sinking or safety problems with long tail boats. It’s all part of the fun!

Bangkok River Race – Safety

Live jackets will be provided to all participants on the Bangkok river boat race. We insist everyone on board wears a life jacket.

How Fast do Long Tail Boats Go

There’s no mistaking these boats do move fast, considering it’s powered by a truck engine! The engine controls the driveshaft, with a propeller at the end which has no additional gearing or transmission.

Long-Tail Boat Race Conclusion

Depending on your group size most long-tail boats are limited to 10 pax approx. We cannot deliver this team building activity to large groups. Embark on a thrilling adventure and explore Bangkok’s waterways by long tail boat, then take your experience to the next level by participating in our NEW “Challenge Your Limits with Bangkok’s Ultimate Amazing Race” Not fast enough? Perhaps our go karting need for speed would give you that extra boost you’re look for.

Activity FAQ’s

Transportation during the race (long-tail boats), entree fees to temples, museums etc. prize for each winning team member, consultants, MC, and all materials and design.

  • The price quoted does not include any food and beverage.
  • A professional photographer

Safety measures, such as life jackets and safety briefings, will be in place to ensure the well-being of all participants.

This event is designed as a corporate team building activity, so participants must form teams to compete in the race. It is not for private individuals.

There may be age restrictions for participants, but this will depend on their ages and who is accompanying them. However we are a corporate team building company meant for adults only!

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