Improve Your Photography with a Photo Hunt Team Challenge

Photo Hunt Team Building Thailand and Singapore

Improve your photography in a team building event! Our corporate photography hunts in Thailand and Singapore will get your teams out and about, travelling around your host city and seeing famous landmarks – while facing numerous photographic challenges. Team up and get tips from our professional photographer before you venture outside to explore. Explore surroundings through a series of photographs, and develop photographic skills. Although similar to treasure and scavenger hunts – this event is all about photography.

Our photo Hunt starts by giving each team a series of high-quality photographs taken at different locations around Thailand or Singapore. Participants are required to find these locations with the aid of a map – using the local Bangkok transportation. Teams attempt to replicate each image by judging perspectives and camera positions etc.

Photo Hunt Thailand Locations

Designated locations may include: temples, shopping centres, palaces, museums, parks to the local pub! Using the photographs as clues and support from the locals, team members will need to work together to identify the location.

Candid Camera Street Photography Thailand Challenge

An alternate concept to this fun photography event is our street photography Thailand challenge. Teams make their way to the designated locations and take photographs based around street photography! You are also given a set of clues to guide you into developing an awesome portfolio of images.

Print Your Images

After all the images have been taken or replicated, participants find a local shop and get their images developed. On completion teams race back to the starting point where a team of photographers will judge and award points for the best photos. Depending on your budget we could set this up in house and print the images upon your return.

Photo Hunt Thailand Prizes and Awards

Awards could range from a trophy to a digital camera! Everyone gets to take home the images they shot throughout the day.

But I Don’t Have a Camera for the Photo Hunt!

Most people today have some form of camera. We can help set it up before booking the event. You can even use your mobile phones! They can capture amazing photos.

Mobile Photography Tips and Tricks

With a few simple tricks to improve your photography, you could shoot stunning photos. To avoid smudges and blurs always make sure the lens is clean. Ensure your subject is in focus by checking the focus point. Adjust the exposure for brightness, compose, and then take your shot! If you’re shooting with an iPhone take advantage of the HDR setting to ensure they are evenly lit. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range which allows you to capture detail in the highlights and the shadows. If you’re taking portraits take advantage of the portrait mode to blur the background behind your subjects.

For action shots use the ‘Activate Burst Mode’. Ideal for images where your subject is moving fast. Your iPhone will take around ten photos per second while you hold down the shutter button. As we are Apple users we have based the above on our iPhones. For Android check the app. or settings.

Learn How to Take a Candid Photo

What is candid photography? A candid photograph is an image captured without the subject posing. It’s an unplanned moment from the subject’s perspective. To be truly inconspicuous shoot from the hip. Not only does this give you a new perspective, but you also won’t need to worry about being seen.

Ask people to pretend they’re not there or engage them in conversation. When you get a person to start talking, they soon forget about the camera. Become more observant and look for expressions that capture the character. Make conversation and see what expressions they use when you talk about something that interests them. Shoot with a small camera to become more inconspicuous! People won’t feel so threatened as perhaps they would, with a giant telephoto lens pointed them. Take a look at this interesting post on 10 Great Tips for Candid Photography

Street Photography Tips for this Event

Use a wide-angle lens so you can still capture your subjects without necessarily pointing your camera directly at them. With a wide-angle lens, you’re pretty sure to get your subject in the shot. When shooting people you don’t know – Smile! This will enable your subjects to become more relaxed. You don’t need to worry so much about what they are thinking. Even better – if you’re unsure ask for permission. If someone looks interesting – tell them and ask for a portrait. Most people will say yes.

Show respect and don’t take photos of homeless people unless it’s to convey an awareness of a homeless person’s situation. Taking a shot for the sake of taking their photo isn’t respectful.

You Get to Learn the Elements of Street Photography

  • Learn to see light and be aware of how you can use it to improve the quality of your images
  • Look for engaging composition to produce more compelling photographs
  • Seize the moment by capturing “that decisive moment’ as it happens because it will not wait for you.
  • Learn to anticipate and predict moments before they happen
  • Learn and Understand how your camera works
  • Look for scenes that tell a story
  • Don’t forget about the scenes behind your subject
  • Shoot from different angles e.g. low down

Best Cameras for Street Photography

Just about any camera can be used to create awesome street photography – including old cameras from the film era. The best camera is the one that works to your photographic style and gets that shot. What one person considers as the best camera may not be for you. You don’t need large DSLRs to improve your photography!

Street Photography Laws and our Photo Hunts

As a general rule it is legal to shoot in a public place. You not need a model release form or expressed consent. However, use some common sense. If a person requires privacy, or a guardian doesn’t consent to photograph their children, respect their wishes and move on. If you’re in a shopping centre, hospital, or amusement park etc which is open to the public, it doesn’t make it public property for you to shoot in. If security guards ask you to stop shooting then stop.

Street Photography Quotes to Inspire You

“Photography is the art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”Elliot Erwitt

“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.”Napoleon Hill

“You fill up the frame with feelings, energy, discovery, and risk, and leave room enough for someone else to get in there.”Joel Meyerowitz

**Images will be provided with our logo in the bottom right corner. Should you wish not to have our logo there would be a small fee for the use of our professional photographers**

Quotations are inclusive of:

Transportation during the Transportation during the photo hunt, prize for each winning team member, event consultants, MC, professional photographers and all materials and design. We can easily adapt this fun photography team building activity with our scavenger hunts!