Improve Your Photography with our Photo Hunt Challenge

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Improve your photography in a team building event! Our corporate photography hunts in Thailand and Singapore will get your teams out and about, travelling around your host city and seeing famous landmarks while facing numerous photographic challenges. Team up and get tips from our professional photographer before you venture outside to explore.

Explore surroundings through a series of photographs, and develop photographic skills. Although similar to our treasure hunts and scavenger hunts this event is focused around and all about photography.

Event Duration: 4-5 hours or a full day event
Group Size: 25 persons to over 200+
Location: Anywhere across Thailand
Benefits: Shared common goals, balanced participation, leadership and communication.

Our photo Hunt starts by giving each team a series of high-quality photographs taken at different locations around Thailand or Singapore.

Participants are then required to find these locations with the aid of a map and use the local transportation to get there. They then attempt to replicate that image by judging perspectives and camera positions etc.

Improve Your Photography Event Locations

Locations could range from, temples, shopping centres, palaces, museums, parks to a local pub! Using the photographs as clues and support from the locals, team members will need to work together to identify the nearby locations. See our top 3 destinations in Thailand and why we would recommend Marina Bay, Singapore for this event.

Candid Camera Street Photography Challenge

An alternate concept to this fun photography event is our Street Photography Challenge. Teams make their way to the designated locations and take photographs based around street photography! You are also given a set of clues to guide you into developing an awesome portfolio of images.

Print Your Images

After all the images have been taken or replicated, you need to find a local shop to get your images developed.

On completion teams will need to race back to the starting point where a team of photographers will judge and award points for the best photos. Depending on your location and budget we could set this up in house and print the images upon your return.

Photo Hunt Team Building  Prizes and Awards

Depending on your budget the awards could range from a trophy to a digital camera! Everyone gets to take home the images they shot throughout the day.

But I Don’t Have a Camera for the Photo Hunt!

Most people today have some form of camera which you could set up with our guidance before booking the event. You can even use your mobile phones as today, they can capture amazing photos.