Rock Climbing and Abseiling Activities in Thailand

Indoor rock climbing Bangkok Thailand

Rock Climbing and Abseiling Thailand are your perfect adrenalin, corporate team building events – with a difference! Team members step off the side of a building, bridge or cliff and abseils to the bottom! If that’s too easy how about a climb to the top!If you’re looking for a more adrenaline activity then our abseiling Thailand may be just for you. No experience is necessary as you will be guided by qualified and certified instructors.

Abseiling Thailand Corporate Events

Abseiling also known as rappelling uses the skill of getting down vertical drops by the use of a rope. A rope runs through a friction device which is attached to a harness around your waist. Each abseil session starts with a briefing on safety, how to abseil, an introduction on the equipment used and lastly a demonstration.

Team building in Bangkok is not only enjoyable, but also affordable. We have many options that suit your budget, schedule, and preferences. You can choose from different activities, locations, and durations. We can even customise your itinerary to fit your goals and needs.

Is Abseiling Dangerous

Abseiling can be dangerous and only attempted after training from experienced climbing instructors, and the proper gear. All participants must wear and use the safety equipment provided which includes a helmet, harnesses, slings, rope and gloves.

Preparation is the key to make abseiling as safe as possible well before any abseil takes place. Many injuries have occurred due to worn out or faulty equipment and our qualified instructors always check the equipment is in good working order. Proper preparation will allow you to enjoy the experience as you descend natural beauty and soak up what the great outdoors has to offer.

Abseiling for Beginners

If you’re a beginner practice many times and learn to rappel/abseil from short drops first. You should learn the important skills needed to abseil in safety first, before progressing through a variety of higher drops. Beginner’s Tip: you should have your hips bent at 90 degrees so your legs are straight to push you out from the wall.

How to Brake when Abseiling

Your most important hand is the one you’ll use for braking. it manages your speed as you descend down the rope and by keeping your brake hand down by your hip, you’re able to maintain constant friction of the rope through the rappel device. You can use two break hands when doing a free rappel which allows more control. For free rappels, you should always use an auto-block knot as a safety backup.

Some Basic Abseiling Equipment

  • Helmet in case of bumps against a wall or rock face
  • Static ropes of around 11mm diameter with a 2% stretch
  • Rappel devise also known as a descender which allows the rope to be fed through controlling the speeds of descent
  • Carabiners to hold numerous parts of the climbing system together
  • Descenders which allows the rope to be fed through under control often used for the speed of descent
  • A harness which secures around your waist and upper legs forming a seat
  • Backup knots are especially important in case you lose control although an experienced brake person will stand at the bottom to control your descent

Forward Facing Abseiling

A technique invented by the SAS was facing forwards while abseiling. It works in the same way as a regular rappel but you get that extra adrenaline pump, seeing what’s below, and perhaps the chance to show off to your mates.

Rock Climbing Thailand Corporate Events

We can easily travel to your chosen destination for a Rock Climbing Adventure which can be delivered in most locations throughout Asia. Whether it’s a large charity fundraising event, or a small group looking for a more adventurous kind of team building, we can make it happen.

Unlike abseiling, rock or wall climbing requires more strength and is an excellent sport for building muscles and upper body strength. It tones muscles and can combine your cardio and strength into one single workout. This is a great corporate activity to burn calories side by side with your colleagues while challenging each other.

Indoor Wall Climbing

Our indoor rock climbing corporate event provides you with a safe environment for new as well as skilled climbers managed by experienced instructors. Performed on artificial structures, indoor climbing has become a popular alternative to outdoor climbing. This is especially good for beginners and locations where the weather has become an obstacle.

Is Rock Climbing Dangerous

Most accidents and fatalities can be directly attributed to human error. Like anything today, without the right level of expertise and a grasp on climbing techniques, you are putting yourself at risks. This includes working with an amateur. Always climb with an experienced instructor. The people who don’t appreciate how dangerous rock climbing can be, and are unprepared are the ones who end up getting hurt.

How does Rock Climbing Work

To climb, you use the muscles in your arms and legs to pull yourself up a rock face. Traditional climbing and Top Roping (which we deliver), requires a harness and gear for safety. A leader stands at the bottom giving and taking slack as necessary so you don’t fall.

Is Rock Climbing Difficult?

It is a sport that requires loads of practice and reasonable fitness. It’s can also be as physically demanding as you want to make it, and dependant on what type of climbing you wish to do. As walls are shorter and don’t require quite as much endurance we’d highly recommend starting off in a local climbing centre/gym

Some Basic Gear for Rock Climbing

  • Head protection while climbing
  • Belaying climbers, rappelling
  • Climbing harness to connect to a climbing rope
  • Climbing gloves to protect your hands
  • Carabiner for clipping into protection while climbing
  • Quick-draws for clipping to bolts while sport climbing

If you have chosen a building or structure which you’d like to climb or abseil email us with the location, including an image of the building so we can survey the site and forward a quotation to you. Not enough adrenaline: check out our Go kart racing in Thailand or some fun Corporate Paintball in Thailand. If you would like the ultimate hard core activity: Muay Thai Team Building

Activity FAQ’s

Rock climbing is a great way to get high in Thailand, and there are many reasons why it’s so popular. First, you can do it outdoors and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Second, you’ll be able to challenge yourself while enjoying the thrill of adventure. Third, rock climbing is a great activity for people who want to push themselves physically and mentally. Finally, rock climbing helps build strength and endurance, which are important for all types of activities.”

Rock climbers need several items to help them get started: a harness (which goes around your waist), rope (which attaches to your harness), carabiner (an item that clips onto your rope), chalk bag (where you put chalk) and chalk (the powder used to keep hands dry).”

To start rock climbing safely and effectively, it’s important that you’re in good physical shape and have prior experience with other forms of exercise like swimming or running.”

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