Back to School Sports Day Activities

Back to school sports day activities for corporate team building fun. Summer is over, and school is back in session. It’s time to get you active again! Sports day is the perfect opportunity to bring back that competitive spirit. Combined with a variety of fun and challenging games. We’ve picked out our top five favourites below.

You can mix and match or add your own corporate twist on any of these classic back to school Thailand sports day activities:

Activity Info.

Activity Duration

3-4 Hours

Activity Group Size

20 – 120

Activity Location


Skill Dev.

  • Effective communication
  • Promotes teamwork
  • Improves physical health
  • Goal Setting and Achievement
  • Build self-esteem

Sack racing

Sack racing is a great way for you to get moving and play together. It’s also a fun way to help people improve yourr coordination. As well as your physical strength, speed, and agility. This is a fun activity that gets your team moving, requiring no complex equipment or training. Sack racing is an excellent choice for anyone at any age!

Three-legged race

The three-legged race is a fun activity to get your colleagues up and moving. There are many variations in this classic game, but the basic rules are simple:

  • Two people hold on to one another’s legs. One person’s leg should reach down to the ground. Their partners should stick straight out behind them. Think about how a spider stands.
  • The team must run around the track together. Their time counts towards a total completion time.

Egg and spoon race

Egg and spoon races started as a children’s game that involved kids racing with an egg on a spoon. The object of the race is to be the first person to cross the finish line. Hold an egg above your head without breaking it. If you break your egg, you lose. If you fall down, you lose!

To play this game, each person has an egg and a small spoon. When we say ready, steady “Go!” you move forwards with spoons raised over your heads. It couldn’t be easier!

Wheelbarrow racing

Wheelbarrow racing is a significant activity for kids, but it can also be fun for adults. The rules are simple. Two people get in the wheelbarrows and race each other or against the clock. Wheelbarrow racing is a great way to get active during your back to school sports day activities.

After you’ve decided who will race in which wheelbarrows, it’s time to begin! The first person gets into their wheelbarrow and holds onto their partner’s waist. You walk forward as fast as you can. The second person then jumps into their partner’s wheelbarrow before they run with them towards the finish line (or wherever else we decide!). There are no rules. It’s up to your imagination if you want us to come up with some kind of prize for winning teams!

Piggy Back Racing

Piggy back racing is a fun activity for all ages, especially if you have a large group of kids and adults. All you need is a few adult volunteers take part in this game and some sturdy chairs for your racers to sit on. The race is times, but the winner does not have to be the first one across the finish line. You could also decide on a set number of laps each person completes before we stop you. The key here is that everyone gets a turn! Everyone gets suited up in their warm-up suits and helmets. Ready for your piggyback around the track!

We recommend adding some flare to this fun event by having everyone dress up as different pigs. From pink pigs to curly haired pigs. Or creating silly costumes using old sheets or pillowcases with eyeholes cut out. After all, you need to see where you’re going while being piggy-backed around our track!

Back to school sports day activities

Back to school sports day is a great way to get you active and having fun. It’s also a great excuse to sneak in some teamwork learning. Here are some fun ways you can bring back some fun into your corporate team building:

  • Sack Race: Everyone gets a pillowcase or plastic bag. You then they run around the room and see who can travel the farthest before their “sack” falls off their head. The winner is whoever’s sack stays on their head longest. Or whoever had the least amount of stuffing inside theirs? There’s no wrong answer here! Have fun with it!
  • Three-Legged Race: Get two people together for this one. But only use one leg from each person at a time (to make sure everyone has equal footing). Have each team member hold hands and hop along like penguins until you reach base camp.
  • Egg & Spoon Race: This classic game never goes out of style because it works for any age group! All players must balance an egg between two spoons as they race towards home base. (which could be any other item).
  • Wheelbarrow Race: Divide up into teams based on classes or grades. Give each pair an old shopping cart or wheelbarrow so they can put it over their heads”

Back to School Sports Day Activities Conclusion

If you would like a few kids from one of our local orphanages, these games will be perfect for entertaining them. The sports day rules and activities are easy to follow so that you don’t have to worry about any confusion on their part. These games are also great for practicing skills like coordination, balance and speed! Why not combine our sports day activities with raft building on a beautiful beach! If you’d like a little more adventure you can Find Your Way to Victory in Bangkok’s Amazing Race.

Activity FAQ’s

The price quoted for the “Back to School Sports Day” event includes all necessary equipment for the activities, as well as experienced facilitators to ensure the smooth running of the event. The design of the event has been carefully crafted to maximize the fun and team-building potential of each activity, ensuring that participants have a positive and enjoyable experience.

The price quoted for the “Back to School Sports Day” event does not include food or beverage for participants. Participants are responsible for bringing their own snacks and drinks, or arranging for food and drinks to be provided separately. Additionally, the price does not include the services of a photographer.

If your chosen hotel doesn’t have a suitable location there would be a nominal charge to book e.g. a local park

The sports day event will include relay races, tug of war, obstacle course, scavenger hunt, and three-legged race etc. All the well know sports day activities we did as a child!

Yes, this event is open to people of all levels of athletic ability. The focus is on having fun and promoting team building, rather than individual athletic performance.

Refreshments such as water and snacks can be provided during the event. If you have specific dietary requirements or would like a more substantial meal, we recommend bringing your own food and drinks.