Team Building in Hua Hin could be the best place for any Thailand event

Team Building Hua Hin Corporate group in the Hotel Garden

Team Building in Hua Hin could be the best place for any event in Thailand. Is team building in Hua Hin better than Bangkok? With its natural beauty, facilities, tolerant culture and relaxed attitude, Hua Hin offers more in every sense of the word. However, when choosing a team building location in Thailand, the choice is also quite simple.

You don’t want to pick somewhere that is too crowded, intense, and overbearing that may affect the quality of your event’s experience.

Yes, of course we are talking about polluted Bangkok. A corporate team building event in Hua Hin could be a much better option!

Team Building in Hua Hin

Hua Hin wins every time. The city is smaller than Bangkok and offers so much more quality. Hua Hin – located a couple of hours west of Bangkok is a beautiful seaside town with luscious beaches and a relaxed holidaying atmosphere. There is nothing in Bangkok that Hua Hin doesn’t have. Well, just a couple of things perhaps – Terrible traffic jams and pollution!

Hua Hin is situated on the beautiful Gulf of Thailand. There is always a cool fresh sea breeze and a multitude of ways to get around the city. Whatever your expectations are – Hua Hin can deliver.

There are mountains covered in forests and dotted with caves to explore, nature getaways at Khao San Roi Yot national park. Visit the Hua Hin Safari Adventure park where you can get close to a tiger, watch a cobra show and gasp at the daring things they do with crocodiles.

We do not endorse any events or shows which exploit animals for a profit. It may sound fun at first but there are other things to do than support these kinds of shows and events!

Are sandy beaches essential for your trip? Hua Hin has some of the most alluring beaches to relax on.

Get up early and walk down to the beach in time for one of Hua Hin’s magical sunrises. Then stroll back to your hotel just in time for breakfast to make a perfect start to your day. Did we forget to mention we have a fantastic team building in Hua Hin event – making rafts!

Team Building Hua Hin – Golf Packages

If you enjoy a round of golf at a great price, there are golf courses that will suit you to a tee. For a small fee, Thai caddy girls take care of your bags while admiring your shots! You’d have to go a fairway to find a more enjoyable round of golf than Hua Hin!

For the shopaholics, there are malls in Hua Hin that sell designer goods. For cheaper bargains, check out the evening markets and walking streets. Everything can be bought here and haggling is part of the fun. You decide what price you want to pay.

Team Building Hua Hin Adventures

To keep your corporate event speeding along, why not try Go Cart racing? Or visit one of the waterparks for swimming or a bit of fun sliding down the water pipe rides.

If you’re feeling adventurous, rent a mini bus and explore the nearby countryside.

Half an hours drive along the coast is the beautiful and quiet small town of Cha-Am. You could even book one of our 4×4 off-road adventures.

When it comes to evening entertainment, once again Hua Hin is a fair competitor to Bangkok. However, the bar areas are much more relaxed than Bangkok. You’ll also find everyone a lot more tolerant.

If you have never visited a Thai beer bar, Hua Hin is the ideal place to get an introduction. Offering everything that is available in Bangkok, Hua Hin is more chilled, which of course you would expect from a seaside holiday town.

Our Top Team Building Hua Hin Activities

Dining Out

Restaurants are plentiful with seafood a speciality, which you would expect. International cuisine from almost every country is available. You decide where and what you want to eat. If you want to try the famous Thai hawker foods, they are available in the market areas around the city and dotted along the roads.

One of the best and most famous night markets in Hua Hin is the Cicada Night Market, located just south of the city centre.

Did you know that Hua Hin was so appealing to the Thai monarchy, there is even a special palace built there! The railway station is worth a visit all on its own, being one of the oldest in Thailand and the most beautiful.

For those looking for a piece of culture, climb up the 100 steps to the beautiful Buddhist temple at monkey mountain.

Yes of course they don’t call it monkey mountain for nothing as the place is home to many mischievous macaque monkeys, who will let you take a selfie for the cost of a piece of fruit, but hold on to that camera or it will be gone!

Hua Hin Accommodation

There is plenty of choice available when seeking a hotel in Hua Hin. From cheap budget hotels right up to international standard 5 star hotels like the Hilton and Marriott they are located all over the city.

If you want a quieter, more specialised place to hold your corporate event, why not pick one of the many resorts that cater for such parties?

Team Building Hua Hin Conclusion

So it’s easy to see that team building in Hua Hin offers so much more than Bangkok. Especially when choosing your corporate event location. With far less stress. Arriving at Bangkok airport, there are shuttle buses that go directly to Hua Hin or you can arrange to hire taxis or minibus at very reasonable rates.

Quotations are inclusive of:

Transportation during the event, prize for the winning team member, budget for any required challenge purchases, consultants, MC, professional photographer.