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Team Building Event Frequently Asked Questions


We have delivered events from as little as 2 hours up to 3 days. For a single event, we usually recommend 4-5 hours. Our indoor events, e.g. Director’s Cut, could be a whole day while our outdoor event, ‘Amazing Race’ half day because of the heat and humidity!

Before booking, we provide sufficient information to help you make an informed decision about our events. This includes providing you with an overview and general details. Once the booking is confirmed, we are more than happy to collaborate with you and provide a more detailed agenda that outlines the specific schedule, activity descriptions, and any other relevant information. By providing the detailed agenda after confirmation, we aim to protect the originality and creativity of our event concepts and make it more challenging for competitors to replicate our works. Our priority is to ensure a unique and memorable experience for our clients while maintaining the integrity of our event offerings.

Our team building events are priced based on factors such as group size, location, and the chosen activity. Larger groups may incur higher costs due to increased resources and coordination. The event’s location, whether provided by us or client-specified, can influence pricing due to rental fees and transportation. The specific activity chosen may require specialized equipment or external instructors, impacting the overall cost

Our quotation for your team building event includes several components. It covers transportation during the event, facilitators to guide and oversee the activities, prizes for the winning team members, handouts with relevant information or instructions, and all the necessary equipment associated with the event. Prices quoted do not include any food and beverage, meeting rooms, sound system, screen and projector etc if required.

Content We offer multiple payment options for your convenience. You can pay for an event through TT (Telegraphic Transfer), cash, or cheque into our corporate account. If you choose to make a TT transfer, please ensure that the payment is made according to our specified terms and conditions. It’s important that the TT transfer shows in our bank account before the event dates. We strive to provide a flexible and secure payment process, allowing you to select the method that suits you best.5

Booking an activity with us is a straightforward process. To secure an event booking, we require a deposit payment, which is typically made 30 days before the event date. This deposit not only confirms your reservation but also allows us to initiate preparations, make necessary bookings, and undertake other arrangements for the event. By following this procedure, we can ensure a smooth and well-prepared team building experience for your group. To proceed with the booking or to inquire further, please get in touch with our team, and we will be happy to assist you.

In the event of rain during an event, it is possible that participants may get wet, as some activities may not have complete protection from the rain. However, most of our activities have nearby shelters, and we can provide raincoats to minimize the impact. We have never canceled an event solely due to rain. However, if the weather conditions pose a serious concern, we have the option to switch to an alternate event, subject to availability on that day. Please note that opting for an alternate event will incur additional charges.

No, we do not directly book hotel accommodation as we are not a travel agent. However, we can provide recommendations for hotels that are suitable for your team building event. If you have already booked a hotel that we are not familiar with, we typically conduct a site inspection to ensure it meets the requirements and suitability for the chosen event. Our aim is to ensure that the accommodation aligns with the overall success and logistics of the team building experience.

We typically recommend having 8-10 persons per team for most team building activities. However, for larger groups, such as 200 participants, we suggest forming teams of 10-15 individuals. This adjustment helps to reduce cost, and maintain a manageable team size while ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to actively engage in the team building exercises.

The choice of team building events depends on several factors including the purpose of your meeting, your goals, the specific activities of interest, your budget, and the location of the event. Based on these considerations, we can recommend various options and customised activities tailored to your organisation’s needs. To provide you with specific event suggestions, it would be helpful to have more information about your requirements and preferences. This will enable us to propose the most suitable team building events that align with your goals and create a positive and engaging experience for your group.

Yes, our consultants are proficient in English. While they may come from various backgrounds such as Thai or Singaporean, they all have a strong command of the English language. They are able to communicate effectively and provide guidance and support in English. Our consultants strive to create a positive experience for our clients, combining their language skills with a warm and welcoming attitude.

All quotations for events in Thailand, are 7% VAT (Value Added Tax). However, it’s important to note that you can deduct a 3% withholding tax. Therefore, the net VAT amount effectively becomes 4% after deducting the withholding tax. We adhere to the local tax regulations and provide transparent pricing that reflects the applicable VAT and withholding tax rates.

The transportation options we provide are dependent on the specific activity and location of the event. For activities taking place in Bangkok city, we utilise transportation methods such as the BTS Skytrain system, large taxi boats, and occasionally long-tail boats, depending on the requirements of the event. In other locations like Pattaya and Hua Hin, we arrange transportation using Songthaews (shared pickup trucks) and mini buses. We adapt our transportation arrangements to ensure the most suitable and efficient mode of transportation for each event, considering factors such as group size, logistics, and local infrastructure.

We prioritize the safety of our participants and do not organize events that put them in unsafe conditions. We take safety seriously and ensure that our activities maintain high standards of security. For our Amazing Races, we utilize the safest forms of transportation, and DO NOT incorporate any motorcycles, or tuk-tuks. It’s important to note that we offer a range of activities, including Thailand Paintball, abseiling, bungee jumping, and adrenaline go-karting, which may have higher risk levels. However, for these activities, we collaborate with trusted third-party event organizers who adhere to our safety guidelines and standards. We thoroughly assess their safety protocols before delivering the event to ensure a secure experience for our participants. Your safety is our top priority throughout all our events.

Yes, we offer events that are suitable for older and more mature participants. We understand the importance of providing activities that cater to different physical capabilities and preferences. For safety reasons, we typically advise against events that involve running or strenuous physical exertion. Instead, we recommend activities such as art workshops, movie making sessions, bicycle building, and similar options that require minimal physical energy. These events provide opportunities for creativity, teamwork, and engagement without placing excessive physical demands on participants. Our aim is to ensure that all participants, regardless of age or physical ability, can enjoy and actively participate in our team building events.

The cost for hiring a photographer for your team building event can vary depending on factors such as the specific activity, group size, and location. Our pricing for photographer services starts at approximately THB 4000. However, please note that this is a general starting point, and the final price may be influenced by additional factors specific to your event requirements. To obtain a precise quote tailored to your needs, please contact our team with the details of your event, and we will provide you with the accurate pricing information for hiring a photographer.

We appreciate your interest in promoting our events, but we do not permit the use or direct copying of our text and images without prior permission. We have strict copyright rules in place to protect our creative works. If you would like to promote any of our events, we kindly request that you reach out to us through our website or YouTube channel. Additionally, it would be even better if you could directly connect us with your client, and we can discuss the event details and promotional materials together. We value the integrity of our content and strive to maintain its uniqueness and originality.

While hotels or travel agents may offer corporate packages that include conference rooms, food and beverage services, and other amenities, it is often more cost-effective to book our events directly with us. We have observed cases where hotels apply significant markups on our prices, sometimes as much as 70 percent. By contacting us directly, you can receive transparent pricing and personalized event planning tailored to your specific needs. We strive to provide competitive pricing without unnecessary markups, ensuring that you receive the best value for your investment. Our focus is on delivering high-quality team building experiences while maintaining cost-efficiency for our clients.

We take pride in using our own professional consultants for all our activities. We do not outsource our events to third-party organizers. Our team of experienced consultants oversees and facilitates the events to ensure a high standard of quality and seamless coordination. In the case of activities like paintball or similar events, we collaborate with trusted event organizers while still maintaining our own team’s presence to ensure that our standards and guidelines are adhered to. This approach allows us to maintain control over the event execution and deliver a consistent and exceptional team building experience for our clients.

Absolutely! You can have multiple team building event activities. We have previously delivered up to three events to the same clients over a 2-3 day period. In fact, we offer reduced rates for the second activity, especially if it takes place on the same day. Keep an eye out for our special offers. We are flexible and can accommodate multiple activities to enhance your team building experience and meet your specific goals and schedule. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and explore the possibilities of arranging multiple activities for your group.

Certainly! We can incorporate your corporate logos on our event materials. This customization can add a personalized touch to the experience. However, please note that there may be a slight increase in cost associated with including your logos. Additionally, we can also tailor many activities around your products and services, creating a more customized and relevant team building experience for your organization. Please inform us of your specific requirements regarding logo placement and any other branding elements, and we will work with you to accommodate your requests and ensure a cohesive representation of your brand throughout the event.

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