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Team Building Games to Develop Awesome Teamwork

Team oriented games are a common practice in today’s business world.

Whether you’re a manager or an individual, it is important to foster a sense of unity. A successful team oriented activity is often a great way to create this bond. Some games are more popular than others. Read on for more fun and games to develop your awesome team. Team building events are a lot of work. They need planning, and the last thing you want to do is spend your time on logistics. You don’t have time to plan a team building event. You’re busy! Excel Solutions Asia has compiled a list of team oriented games for a successful team building event. With these games, you can save time and money and have a fun time with your team.

Our Top 10 Team Oriented Games

  • ALARMED FENCE: Team members get from island A to B over or under fences using only the resources provided. If they touch the fence or the ground, they return to the start.
  • BLIND CONSTRUCTION: Erect a tent blindfolded by utilising all the components within the time allocated.
  • COLOUR BLIND: Place the coloured balls back into their correct zones placed outside the boundaries. We blindfold the whole team apart from the leader.
  • GRIDLINE: Get all the teams across a grid without stepping onto the wrong squares. Participants may not talk!
  • ISLAND HOPPING: The aim of this task is for all team members to get from the A to the B. using only the resources provided. They use planks of wood to cross over many islands and mustn’t touch the ground.
  • PIPELINE: Transfer water from container A to B to C using only the resources provided. These are usually pipes, tape and small buckets.
  • RIVER BOAT: Transport all team members from island A to island B using the raft and resources provided.
  • SHEEP PEN: Get all blindfolded participants from A to B without breaking the link. Furthermore they cannot walk outside the marked boundary.
  • TEAM PLATFORM: Construct a “free standing” platform to support all team members. They all stand on the platform for 60 seconds.
  • VIRUS: Place containers back into their correct zones. Teams must colour coordinate the liquid containers with their zones. Participants cannot enter the area or touch the containers.

How long are these team oriented games?


Each activity starts with a 10 minute planning phase. Teams often fail because of poor planning. It’s important to plan before starting each activity to get the most out of them.

Main Activity

The duration of each activity is approximately 30 minutes. These activities are indoor and outdoor. We can deliver them in hotel gardens, parks and beaches.


After a successful team building activity, we debrief your team members on how the game went. We talk about what went well and what could be improved. This can also be a great way to strengthen the relationship with your team members.

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