5 Reasons Why Our Virtual Team Building is Fun

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Virtual team building allows employees from different geographical locations to work together towards the same goals and objectives, without having to be in the same location. Virtual team building can help your company save money, increase productivity, and make sure that everyone’s on the same page. Here are our solutions to make sure your next virtual team building Thailand session meets all your objectives.

What are Virtual Teams?

A virtual team is any group of people working together over time to achieve a common aim and create value, whether in a physical office or remote from one another. Many professionals work with colleagues from different departments, across town or even overseas. Therefore, teamwork can be more challenging in a virtual environment.

Team building in Bangkok is not only enjoyable, but also affordable. We have many options that suit your budget, schedule, and preferences. You can choose from different activities, locations, and durations. We can even customise your itinerary to fit your goals and needs.

5 Reasons to Have Your Virtual Team Building Online

Virtual events are becoming very popular. They have gained popularity because they allow a company to bring together their employees from all around the world for one big party. Virtual events reduces your cost compared to a gathering of local employees.

So, what are the reasons for choosing virtual team building? We’ve got them! To help you learn more, we compiled our top reasons you should do your next team building exercise online.

Increase Productivity

When employees become more comfortable communicating with each other, they are more likely to reach out and discuss concerns and solve problems. Improved communication and teamwork can lead to increased productivity.

Improves Communication

In a work environment that can be tense and focused, team-building activities can help coworkers relax and connect. This can also give people something to talk about besides work. Having more communication among the team leads to better problem solving and smoother workflow.

Team members stay connected

Taking part in team building events over Zoom, Teams and Meetings etc., is a great way to get everyone together from all over the world. Having everyone together, despite being in different locations, is a great way to build bonds between coworkers and keep everyone connected on a personal level.

Virtual team building builds moral

Team-building activities can build excitement about working together and being part of a team. Employees will also appreciate the time that management takes to make their team building event happen. Bosses who invest in their teams show employees they care about them and value them.

Team building is fun

These type of activities activities can help strengthen a team. They can also be opportunities for individual team members to relax and take a break from the demands of their job. The whole point is to have some fun.

Steps to Great Virtual Team Building Thailand

When we began organising team building events, at first it was challenging to come up with a timeline. Plan your virtual team building events in advance. 

Know your deadlines and times

It was only after running my first few of these types of events that I realized the most important part of planning. Simply, do not have other deadlines that overshadow this event.

Estimate the cost and create a budget

When you are planning a team building event, you’re in an enviable position. Unlike in-person events where you have to worry about how many people will attend. You can easily choose an event that fits your budget and invite as many employees as you’d like.

Think about why you’re hosting this event.

Explain why your colleagues will benefit from it. Maybe it will be to help them get to know each other better. Or perhaps you want to help lighten the mood for your group and take their mind off of the stress and uncertainty caused by COVID-19. Whatever the case, make sure that your participants understand the purpose of your event. 

Contact your team to find out what activities they like

It may sound backwards, but we encourage you to ask your team directly what activities they enjoy doing! Instead of guessing how your team feels, ask them! You can then tailor their experience to their needs. We can provide a fun selection of activities for you to choose and share before booking.

Be careful of multiple time zones.

I don’t know about you, but I’m always forgetting what time it is somewhere else. If you have team members located in different time zones, pick a timeline convenient for all participants.

Improving Performance with Teams

We all know that collaboration is important in any organization, but how do you go about building a sense of team spirit with employees who seldom, if ever, meet? 

Tips for Virtual Team Building Success. 

Make them part of your world. Share things on social media and to your email lists that include them when appropriate. It’s important to be sure they don’t feel left out. This will build trust between people and in your organisation. 

Schedule a virtual meeting. A recurring suggestion by corporate leaders is to schedule an annual offsite meeting, at which time everyone comes together in person. Not only does it help establish camaraderie among members of your group, it also gets people away from their desks. As a result, this can often refresh energy levels for productivity upon returning home or back to work.

Virtual Team Building Can Benefit Your Business

Face-to-face team building activities like offsite retreats have been popular in many years. A virtual event can also help connect employees meaningfully. With online team building software, your company can have all of its teams working together on a single project or goal at once—no matter where they’re located. You may even forget you’re working with a virtual team.

Best Practices for Virtual Team Building

Although your employees are not sitting next to each other, they are a part of a bigger team. By working together, they need to communicate efficiently and accurately. If that’s not happening, it’s perhaps because of these common obstacles  They don’t perceive how to set up accountability in a virtual workplace where it’s easy to blame tech issues on someone else. 

They don’t identify how to create clarity around their roles and responsibilities, or define goals so people make assumptions about their contribution rather than ask for help.  Virtual team building can help your company save money, increase productivity, and make sure that everyone’s on the same page.

Virtual Team Building Conclusion

Virtual team building allows employees from different geographical locations to work together towards the same goals and objectives, without having to be in the same location. It can help your company save money, increase productivity, and make sure that everyone’s on the same page. Everyone can join in from their home office or favorite coffee shop, and there are facilitation tools available for use if you don’t have a meeting facilitator on hand. Sign up now so we can get you scheduled.

Activity FAQ’s

Prize for the winning team member, facilitators, consultants, MC and all associated materials and design.

Software should you decide to use a paid app.

Virtual team building is based on the same principles as traditional face-to-face team building. The main difference between virtual team building and face-to-face team building is technology. In virtual team building, communication is usually done by phone or video chat while in a meeting room.

Virtual team building’s biggest limitation is that the environment may not be as collaborative, collaborative and curious as a physical meeting space. It also can make it possible for team members to become disengaged or feel like they are missing out on valuable interaction, information and connections.

Virtual team building can help managers boost productivity, creativity and efficiency. When teams can’t meet in person, virtual technology helps them communicate efficiently and collaborate effectively on important projects.

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