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Whisky Tasting Thailand. How the Hell Did I Get Here?

Corporate Whisky Tasting
Whisky Tasting Bangkok
Whisky Tasting Thailand

Our whisky tasting is a great activity for any event, such as corporate evening entertainment. The game is played with a whisky tasting kit. You will be given a series of drinks to taste and smell at various intervals over the course of an hour. This can be done in teams or individually, depending on your preference, before voting takes place to find out who the whisky connoisseur is among you!

Whisky Tasting Game Themed Quiz

We’ve said it many times before. A quiz is one of the easiest ways to get people engaged in your event. It’s a fun way to test their knowledge, and they will have a great time trying to guess which whisky was which. You also need nothing fancy or expensive. Just grab some paper and pens!

Whisky Tasting Thailand

The best part about our whiskey tasting games is that we’ve already done all the work for you. We create an engaging quiz that will make your group want more! Each question is based on one of the bottles from our tasting menu. So if someone gets stuck on a question, they can always go back and sample another bottle until they find their answer. When everyone has finished tasting all four different whiskies, we’ll tally up scores. Only one person wins first place (and gets bragging rights) if they’re still standing!

Where Corporate Fun Meets Fine Spirits

  1. Experience a unique and enjoyable corporate event with Whisky Tasting Thailand, where colleagues can bond over a shared love for fine spirits.
  2. Engage in an interactive and educational whisky tasting session led by knowledgeable experts, who will guide participants through the nuances of different whisky varieties.
  3. Discover a wide selection of premium whiskies from around the world, including single malts, blended malts, and bourbons, allowing attendees to broaden their palate and explore new flavors.
  4. Enjoy a relaxed and elegant atmosphere, perfect for fostering networking and team-building opportunities among colleagues in a fun and informal setting.
  5. Participate in engaging activities such as blind tastings, where participants can test their whisky knowledge and compete with each other in a friendly and lighthearted manner.
  6. Indulge in delectable food pairings specially curated to complement the whisky selections, enhancing the overall tasting experience and creating a delightful sensory journey.
  7. Take part in interactive workshops or masterclasses that delve deeper into the art of whisky making, offering insights into distillation techniques, cask aging, and the history of this iconic spirit.
  8. Create lasting memories as teams come together to appreciate and enjoy the world of whisky, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared experiences that extend beyond the corporate setting.
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