Team building doesn’t have to be boring. Professional indoor and outdoor corporate activities, for groups of any size.

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So You Think Team Building is Boring!

You can now have a fun selection of indoor and outdoor team building activities for groups of any size.

No more games such as, ‘close your eyes and fall backwards‘. We’ve all been there and done that. This inspired us to refrain from any kind of teamwork based on coaching lectures! Welcome to Excel Solutions Asia – team building Bangkok, BKK.

Innovation has always lead the way to our games and activities. We continue to create new event themes by identifying and meeting your needs within the events industry.

We have almost 20 years experience delivering team building Bangkok, Thailand. Did we forget to mention we recently expanded into Singapore.

We’re always happy to discuss new ideas to develop teamwork for your organisation. Let us know your main goals and objectives:

  • Why are you having an event?
  • Why are you inviting attendees to your corporate event?
  • Are you inviting attendees relevant to your objectives?
  • What do you want to achieve from your event when your attendees leave
  • What is the purpose: networking, conference or a yearly party celebration?


Team Building BKK Activities Can Still be Fun!

Unique activities designed to motivate through fun, providing you with a fabulous opportunity to interact on an informal level.

About Our Team Building Bangkok BKK Events!

A Revolution in Team Building Solutions

What is Team Building?

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Corporate events provide groups with an opportunity to improve their teamwork skills. Participants can examine what worked well through fun activities and games.

Team building events help team members understand leadership, communication, and effective decision making processes. If your members aren’t participating in a shared common goal, you don’t have a team – you have a group of people.

All our activities require balanced participation to ensure each person contributes to the final goal. Everyone shares their opinions, ideas and involvement. Thus, encouraging the practice of giving and receiving feedback.

Why Have a Team Building BKK Event?

Your organisation can reward, educate, motivate or celebrate achievements and goals.

Corporate events collaborate, boost morale and promote creativity. It’s an ideal platform to show appreciation, and the efforts of your employees. Employees feel more motivated when appreciated. Especially when valued on stage in front of their fellow workers.

Even small corporate events can have a large impact on the morale of your employees. It provides an opportunity to remind participants about the visions of your company.

Increase Brand awareness by connecting to your clients. Which in turn, builds trust and demonstrates that they are the centre of your focus!

Our Consultants

Our event consultants are not with us because they are well trained experts or talented! They have one important quality. They have a passion and enjoy what they do!

HavIng a good command of the English language, their task is to engage people. Let’s not forget they are also there for your safety.

Participate in one of our awesome charity CSR (corporate social responsibility) team building activities. We strongly believe in supporting local communities and now recognize corporate social responsibility CSR as part of our business model

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A Sensational Job!

I really recommend Excel Solutions Asia. They have done a sensational job putting together our team activities in Bangkok over the past 2 years.

Excel Solutions Asia will look after everything to ensure they deliver your activity as you want. They have a huge range of things to do and have a great eye for detail as well as a great team. I look forward to working with them again next year.​

Ian Edwards
CT Partners

A Truly Remarkable Experience!

Definitely one of the best and initiative team building events. Excel Solutions Asia did a great job at coordinating and executing our “Missing Link”. The whole team found the activity a truly remarkable experience. Not only was the event incredibly fun, but also brought everyone together and created great momentum and energy. It helped strengthen our team spirit and collaboration across culture.

Irene Lai
Avery Dennison

Team building comes in many forms and can mean many different things to different people. Some talk about it as a fun, recreational activity where people interact within a group while working toward a common goal. Others think of it more as an employee engagement strategy meant to improve communication and create engagement within an organization. In reality, team building is both of these things—and more.

The purpose of team building can be described as an effort to improve the management of workers and to improve the overall performance of the group being managed. It’s a way of achieving a productive working environment where employees are willing to share information and work together towards a common goal.

The purpose of corporate team building is to construct a stronger team within your organisation. The nature of team building is typically cooperative training and exercises to enable your group members to work together more effectively.

Objectives improve skills, have fun, foster communication, and increase morale while motivating staff performance. It provides new ideas and insights that increase performance in relation to team engagement, communication, motivation and morale.

Collaborative group efforts are encouraged and enhanced from personal participation from each member of a collective whole.

When you talk about team building activities, approaches can vary depending on the objective of the exercises. If your intention is to build a cohesive team, then it would be wise to organize out-of-office team building activities that will build trust, expose each other with differences and respect one another’s values. Thus, you are assured of a similar working style and greater productivity for the coming days ahead.

An example of team building activities is a game where you get to work as a group in order to complete a specific task. These games are often designed to highlight the positive qualities of the different people on your team, such as leadership, cooperation, and creativity. All our event activities are focused as such from our amazing races to building a bike.

Many people get confused when thinking about team building skills. Professionals look at team building exercises and try to translate the activities into their job. On the other hand, some individuals wonder if they simply have a lack of teamwork skills.

Understanding what the different types of team building skills are will help you to consider how to develop them.

Team building skills can be categorized as managerial, social, and environmental. Within social team building skills, you have building trust, communication, leadership and teamwork.

You can work on these skills by setting up competitions within the office or outdoors. For instance, from co-operative games to cultural activities, there are a variety of team building skill activities that can be done to improve cohesion.

We help companies improve team building skills through a wide variety of games and activities that encourage communication and collaboration. Take a look at our selection of indoor, outdoor and CSR games.

Team building is a process of creating a well-integrated group or team where the members are encouraged to be more than just co workers and share a sense of belonging, accomplishment, goals, objectives and direction.

Types of team building include: Icebreakers, Trust exercises, Skill-based exercises, Strategy-based exercises, Conflict Resolution, Problem Solving, and Creative Thinking.

Bonding your team into a cohesive unit that works towards your corporate goals and stands out from the crowd can be a very difficult task. All leaders have to go through this process, and when done properly it can lead to great results. But how do you engage teams to become one?

Coming together with teammates can be intimidating. Figuring out what to do and where to go can be difficult. We can help you get started. Whether you are looking for a more creative, offbeat event or something more traditional, there is a lot we can do to help your team bond.

In a sense, it’s about creating an atmosphere so that your employees are motivated. Furthermore, emphasising common interests and goals, encouraging sharing of ideas, celebrating wins together and emphasizing winning behaviour.

Motivation can be a tricky thing. It’s one of those things you’d think that as Manager your team would already be motivated and engaged, but this isn’t always the case.

Encouraging your employees to let their personalities shine not only helps them feel more motivated, it also helps to create a fun, friendly work environment. Use personal stories to motivate people and tell them how valuable they are.

  • Make sure everyone is on the same page
  • Get them involved in problem solving
  • Check out time management courses
  • Make yourself and your team seem like the main focus of the company
  • Set busy deadlines
  • Ask for help from people who can influence your audience

Yes, our team building Bangkok events do work. This is because it allows people to understand each other so that they can learn about each other and their skills. With people knowing the skills of the others, they will be able to build on them and also form a good relationship between the members of the team.

There are many ways that we could approach this question and seek out the answer. Team building is being defined as, ‘ the process of creating an atmosphere in which people can work effectively as a team’

There are many reasons why it makes sense to build a team with you at the helm. However, the benefits of team building will not take effect until you invest your time into helping others by providing support and guidance.

As an employer, you want to encourage your employees to boost their morale and improve their professional capabilities. Why should you plan fun activities? It’s a great way to get closer as a group!

When you start noticing the positive benefits of team building, that’s when you know it’s time to have another team building event.

Corporate team building is a way for employees to learn about teamwork, improve their communication skills, gain new experiences and have fun all at the same time. Corporate team building Bangkok is an important part of any company’s yearly activities because it helps employees form a bond with each other and creates positive environment in the workforce. Instead of having to rely on technology like conference calls or emails a lot of the communication can be done face to face. This allows for building healthy relationships amongst coworkers.