Team building doesn’t have to be boring. Professional indoor and outdoor corporate activities, for groups of any size.

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Do You Think Team Building is Boring?

You can now have a fun selection of indoor and outdoor activities in Bangkok for groups of any size.

No more games such as, ‘close your eyes and fall backwards‘. We’ve all been there and done that. This inspired us to refrain from any kind of teamwork based on coaching lectures!

Innovation has always lead the way to our games. We continue to create new activities by identifying and meeting your needs within the events industry.

We have almost 20 years experience delivering team building Bangkok, Thailand. Did we forget to mention we recently expanded into Singapore. Events should always be fun. We never neglect the importance of customer satisfaction.

We’re always happy to discuss new ideas to develop teamwork for your organisation. Not forgetting to ensure your event is always fun.


Teamwork Bangkok

Team Building Activities Can Still be Fun!

Unique activities designed to motivate through fun, providing you with a fabulous opportunity to interact on an informal level.

Team Building Bangkok FAQ’s

Prices are based on group size, team size, chosen event theme, date and location. e.g. Prices differ between Bangkok, Hua Hi, Pattaya etc.

Quotations include: transportation (during the event), facilitators, photographer, prizes, and all associated equipment. Quotations do not include food, beverage, meeting rooms, and accommodation. See our event Bangkok payment terms.

We recommend 8-10 people. For large groups such as 200 + we recommend 10-15 people per although this would be dependent on your chosen activity.

Confirmation is secured by a deposit only. This is paid into our Bangkok, corporate bank account 30 days in advance of your event date. Thus, enabling us to start the necessary preparations, bookings etc.

We have delivered events from as little as 2 hours up to 3 days. For a single event we recommend 4-5 hours. Indoor events e.g. Directors Cut could be a whole day. Our outdoor events such as Amazing Race, Bangkok, would be half day only. Due to the heat and humidity!

Why have a Team Building Bangkok Event!

Corporate events provide groups with an opportunity to improve their teamwork skills. Participants can examine what worked well and what needs to be improve, through fun activities and games.

It helps team members understand leadership, communication, and effective decision making processes. Team Building Encourages Participation

If members aren’t participating in a shared common goal, you don’t have a team. You have a group of people.

Balanced participation ensures each person contributes to the final goal. They understand it is everyone’s task to reach a shared common goal.

Everyone shares their opinions, ideas and involvement. It encourages the practice of giving and receiving feedback.

Your organisation can reward, educate, motivate or celebrate achievements and goals. Planning is important to understand the necessities for a corporate event in Bangkok

Our Bangkok corporate events collaborate, boost morale and promote creativity. It is also an ideal platform to show appreciation, and the efforts of your employees.

Employees feel more motivated when appreciated. Especially when valued on stage in front of their fellow workers.

Even small corporate events in Bangkok can have a large impact on the morale of your employees. It also provides an opportunity to remind people about the visions of your company.

Increase Brand awareness by connecting to your clients. Which in turn, builds trust and demonstrates that they are the centre of your focus!

How do I create memorable event in Bangkok?

Think about the main goals and objectives before planning your corporate event. What is the purpose: networking, conference or is it the yearly party celebration.

Once you know your goals, you can advertise the event in a way that makes your employees feel like they will miss out. It also clarifies the importance of the event, and how attendees can make connections.

Why are you having an event?
Why are you inviting attendees to your Bangkok corporate event?
Are you inviting attendees relevant to your objectives?
What do you want to achieve from the event when attendees leave?

Build a diverse and fun guest list. Think about your groups diversity, culture, race, age, gender education, and abilities. Invite a few charismatic employees. This will encourage the quieter guests to open up and enjoy themselves more.

Our event consultants are not with us bause they are well trained experts or talented! They have one important quality. They have a passion and enjoy what they do!

They all have a good command of the English language. Their task is to engage people in the challenges and activities. Let’s not forget our consultants are also there for your safety.

They motive participants, and ease their problem-solving capabilities. Each group can then take a meaningful look at itself, functions, and methods of working.

We recommend outdoor events. Especially if your group has been attending an all-week conference.

Your group would welcome the opportunity to get outside for a breath of fresh air. Teams travel to well-known landmarks while in your chosen host city. The choice would be dependent on your budget, event time and of course the weather in Thailand!

Why not combine your conference with a little time outdoors. Our build a bike build event requires teams to visit a shopping centre and buy items for children.

If you have a full day available we offer an amazing discount for the 2nd event on the same day. This could be as much as 50% off

Take part in our awesome charity CSR – corporate social responsibility team building in Bangkok activities. We now create most of our events around CSR.

We support local communities in Bangkok. Recognising corporate social responsibility is part of our business model.

CSR events offer an ethical way to deal with the environmental and social impacts. You can now connect your company with the local Bangkok community.

We offer a fun selection of charity CSR events. Build a bike, environmental clean up campaigns, Captain CSR are the most popular. These fun CSR events are available anywhere in Thailand.

You don’t have to Take our word for it!

A Sensational Job!

I really recommend Excel Solutions Asia. They have done a sensational job putting together our team activities in Bangkok over the past 2 years.

Excel Solutions Asia will look after everything to ensure they deliver your activity as you want. They have a huge range of things to do and have a great eye for detail as well as a great team. I look forward to working with them again next year.​
Ian Edwards
CT Partners

Delivered on their every Promise!

Excel Solutions Asia not only prepared a tailor made program, but also delivered on their every promise. The result- incredible team building, energy, empowerment, leadership, motivation, education and fun!

The Bangkok, Licence To Win theme was pulled through in the Amazing Race and the day was the talk of the conference!
Brad Edman
Marriott International Hotel