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Indoor Team Building Activities

Develop Teamwork Through Our Indoor Team Building Activities

View our selection of indoor team building activities. Whether you’re looking for fun with colleagues or a unique way to break the ice, our indoor team building activities provide the perfect opportunity.

From unraveling mysteries to conquering collaborative challenges, there’s an experience for every thrill-seeker. Join us for unforgettable indoor events that will leave your team feeling inspired.

Collaborative challenges foster teamwork skills.

Problem-solving sessions encourage effective collaboration.

Group activities enhance communication within teams.

Indoor team building workshops strengthen cooperation abilities.

Indoor adventures promote unity among participants.


Painting and Art

Unleash your team’s creativity with our corporate painting and art team building workshops in Thailand ..

Build a Bike

Build a Bike for Kids is our most popular CSR team building event in Bangkok, Thailand, and ..

Movie Making

Movie making indoor team building is a seriously fun activity tailored around the movie making industry ..

Garland Making

Get ready to unleash your creativity, have some blooming fun, and become the talk of the town ..

Khon Mask Painting

Mask Painting offers just that and more! Originating from Thailand, Khon masks are intricately ..

Face Painting

Corporate Face Painting Extravaganza! We’re bringing the fun and creativity of face painting to the corporate ..

Umbrella Painting

Get ready to unleash your inner artist and embark on a colourful journey with our Thai Umbrella Painting event ..

Corporate Health

In this fast-paced corporate world, prioritising the well-being of employees has become crucial f..

Game Shows

Are you ready to inject some excitement into your workplace? Look no further than Game Shows ..

Fashion & design

You know you were destined to be a fashion designer when you spent most of your childhood making clothes ..

Fun with Balloons

We’ve harnessed the playful power of balloons to create unique indoor team building experiences that ..

Board GAmes

Whether you’re a master strategist or a novice adventurer, our hand-picked selection of board games ..

Office Olympics

We present to you the one and only Office Olympics—an event that promises to bring out the gold medalist ..

Become an Author

How about you become authors and sell your own books on Amazon Kindle? Get ready ..

Muay Thai Boxing

Let’s lace up those gloves and dive into the world of Muay Thai boxing for an energetic indoor team building ..

Online Gaming

Welcome to our Bangkok gaming centre, where the thrill of gaming comes to life in a 200 sqm well-designed ..

200 Icebreakers

Icebreaker questions may encompass many topics, including work, personal life, hobbies, and career ..

Fun with Music

Get Into the Rhythm puts teams high in the musical success charts. From K-Pop, Thai pop, US rock ..

Madame Tussauds

A fantastic place to interact with political leaders, singers, movie stars. It’s one thing to see them on the big ..

Corporate Branding

We have some exciting Corporate Branding and Marketing Workshops available for your team ..

cooking Classes

Corporate Thai cooking classes Bangkok – which you get to eat after. That’s if you can handle the spice ..

Arts and Crafts

Thai art and crafting workshops encourage self expression, and dexterity while increasing team work ..

Virtual Activities

Virtual team building allows employees from different geographical locations to work together towards ..

Set Up a Toy Shop

Teams set up and create their very own vendor stalls focused around children’s items. The objective is ..

Wall Climbing

Rock Climbing and Abseiling Thailand are your perfect adrenalin, corporate team building events ..

Lego team Building

Hey there, LEGO enthusiasts in Thailand! Get ready to embark on an exciting journey of team building ..

Comic Books

From planning to production, except you are making a comic book and not a movie. This innovative comic ..

Wine Tasting

Our wine tasting Bangkok event is an amazing experience. You will love getting together with ..

Cheese Tasting

Can you tell the difference between Stilton and Parmesan? Do you know the difference between a ..

Whisky Tasting

Our whisky tasting is a great activity for any event, such as corporate evening entertainment ..




I would like to send my thanks for your efforts in bringing your team building exercise together for our group during our Staff trip to Bangkok in July 2013. We all thoroughly enjoyed the activities and found it to be a very worthwhile experience in team work, thought and most importantly humility and charity. Everyone was very proud to be able to share the experience and pass on a gift of the bicycle to a deserving recipient.




Main comment is that it was very well organised and a great way to involve all team members to work together. Other comments include the number of locations were just right, I think if there were less, it would have been too easy. All in all everyone enjoyed themselves, and staff learned a thing or two about their work colleagues.




Thanks to you and your team in Excel Solutions Asia, we had 2 fantastic team building events; The Directors Cut and Catwalk. Your commitment to work through with us from concept to execution of the Catwalk event was outstanding. You are open to suggestions and ideas. In addition to the catwalk event, you had also extend your helping hand to be MC for the night event.

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