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How to Get from Bangkok to Pattaya Travel Guide

There are several transportation options available for traveling from Bangkok to Pattaya, including buses, trains, taxis, and vans. Let’s explore the different transportation options and tips to help you reach the destination of Pattaya conveniently, comfortably and safely. Let’s get started!

  • Bus: Taking a bus is the cheapest and most comfortable public transportation option between Bangkok and Pattaya. Air-conditioned buses depart from the Eastern Bus Terminal every 30 minutes starting at 5:20 am and ending at 11:20 pm, and the trip takes around two and a half hours. The cost is 117 Baht per person.
  • MiniVan: A van is a more flexible option for many, offering door-to-door pick-up and drop-off travel from different locations throughout Bangkok. Bus and van tickets to Pattaya cost between THB120 and THB400.
  • Taxi: Taxi remains the fastest and plushest way to travel door-to-door. Prices fluctuate from THB1,700 for a 3-passenger car to THB4,000 for a private van accommodating up to 9 passengers.
  • Train: There is a train service from Bangkok to Pattaya, but it is not as popular as other options5. The train departs from Hua Lamphong Station in Bangkok and arrives at Pattaya Station, and the trip takes around three hours.
  • Flight: There are no direct flights from Bangkok to Pattaya, but it is possible to fly to nearby U-Tapao International Airport and then take a taxi or bus to Pattaya.
  • Uber/Grab: Ride-hailing services like Uber and Grab are available in Bangkok and can take you to Pattaya. However, keep in mind that the fare might be higher compared to other options.
  • Rental Car: If you prefer driving on your own, you can rent a car in Bangkok and drive to Pattaya. The drive usually takes around 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on traffic.

Overall, the cheapest and most popular option for traveling from Bangkok to Pattaya is by bus, while a van or taxi may be more convenient.

Which bus terminal in Bangkok is the easiest to get to?

The easiest bus terminal to get to from the city center of Bangkok is the Ekkamai Bus Terminal, also known as the Eastern Bus Terminal. It is located on Sukhumvit Road Soi 63, and the Ekkamai BTS Station is close to the terminal, making it easy for people to arrive on public transportation. The terminal serves buses and minivans from Bangkok to the Eastern Provinces of Thailand, including Pattaya. The terminal is also within easy walking distance to and from Ekkamai BTS Station. Overall, the Ekkamai Bus Terminal is the most accessible and convenient option for those traveling from the city center of Bangkok to Pattaya by bus.

How to get to Ekkamai Bus Terminal from the city centre?

The journey from the city center of Bangkok to Ekkamai Bus Terminal takes approximately 15 minutes. The distance between the two locations is about 6.5 kilometers. Here are some transportation options to get to Ekkamai Bus Terminal from the city center:

  • BTS SkyTrain: The most convenient way to reach Ekkamai Bus Terminal is by taking the BTS SkyTrain. From the city center, you can take the BTS SkyTrain to Phaya Thai station and then transfer to the BTS SkyTrain heading towards Ekkamai station. The total travel time is around 15 minutes.
  • Taxi: Taking a taxi is another option to reach Ekkamai Bus Terminal. The taxi ride from the city center to Ekkamai Bus Terminal should take about 15 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.
  • Bus: There are also buses that can take you to Ekkamai Bus Terminal from the city center. However, the travel time may vary depending on the route and Bangkok traffic conditions.

Overall, it takes approximately 15 minutes to get to Ekkamai Bus Terminal from the city center of Bangkok. The BTS SkyTrain is the most convenient option, followed by taking a taxi.

Fastest way to get from Bangkok to Pattaya

According to the search results, taking a taxi is the fastest way to get from Bangkok to Pattaya. The travel time by taxi is around 1 hour and 30 minutes. However, taking a taxi is also the most expensive option. Alternatively, there are direct train services from Pattaya to Bangkok, with the fastest train service being train 990 at 16.26, which takes around 2.5 hours. While taking a bus or van is the cheapest option, it takes around two and a half to three hours to reach Pattaya. Therefore, if time is a priority, taking a taxi is the best option, while taking a train is the second-fastest option.

Bangkok to Pattaya Road Safety

Road safety is a paramount concern when traveling from Bangkok to Pattaya, particularly when using mini buses. Unfortunately, mini buses are known for tailgating, a dangerous driving behaviour where a vehicle follows another vehicle too closely, leaving very little room for reaction time in case of sudden braking or emergencies. Tailgating is quite common and can lead to severe accidents.

If you choose to travel by mini bus, it’s essential to be vigilant and take necessary precautions to ensure your safety:

  • Seat Belts: Always wear your seat belt while traveling in a mini bus. Seat belts are crucial for protecting passengers in the event of an accident, even if the driver is tailgating.
  • Voice Concerns: If you notice that the mini bus driver is tailgating or driving recklessly, don’t hesitate to speak up. Politely express your concern to the driver and request that they maintain a safe following distance.
  • Choose Reputable Operators: When booking a mini bus service, opt for well-established and reputable operators known for prioritizing safety. Read reviews and gather information about the company’s safety record before making a decision.
  • Maintain Distance: If you’re driving your own vehicle or using another mode of transportation, ensure that you maintain a safe distance from mini buses or any other tailgating vehicles on the road. Keep a safe following distance to allow ample time to react to sudden stops.
  • Report Unsafe Driving: If you witness a mini bus or any other vehicle engaging in dangerous driving behaviors, consider reporting it to the appropriate authorities. This can help address the issue and improve road safety for everyone.
  • Consider Alternatives: If you are uncomfortable with the idea of traveling by mini bus due to tailgating concerns, consider exploring alternative transportation options like buses or hiring a private car service with a trusted driver.

Bangkok to Pattaya Conclusion

In conclusion, traveling from Bangkok to Pattaya offers a range of transportation options to suit various preferences and budgets. Whether you choose to take a bus for its affordability, a minivan for its speed, a taxi or private car for comfort and convenience, or even opt for ride-hailing services, each choice provides a means to explore the vibrant city of Pattaya from the bustling streets of Bangkok. With the journey taking just a few hours, you can easily access the beautiful beaches, lively nightlife, and diverse attractions that Pattaya has to offer. Planning ahead and considering the best mode of transportation for your needs will ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip between these two vibrant destinations in Thailand.

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