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Bungee Jumping Thailand: A Corporate Leap of Faith.

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Bungee Jumping Thailand

Prepare to elevate your corporate events to unparalleled heights! We proudly present an exhilarating corporate bungee jumping experience that seamlessly blends team building with heart-pounding excitement. Plunge into a realm of thrill and camaraderie as we take the leap towards achievement together. For those seeking to elevate their sense of adventure to uncharted altitudes, there’s no need to search beyond bungee jumping in Thailand.

Benefits of Bungee Jumping Corporate Events

Get ready to soar with laughter and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Team Building: Watch your colleagues bond like never before as they rely on each other’s support, cheer each other on, and scream their way to triumph!
  • Endorphin Explosion: Say goodbye to boredom and hello to a rush of endorphins! Bungee jumping injects a healthy dose of adrenaline and creates shared memories that will keep your team buzzing with positive energy.
  • Fear-Conquering Fun: We all have fears, whether it’s public speaking or facing our inner acrophobia. Bungee jumping offers the perfect opportunity to conquer those fears together, leaving everyone feeling invincible and ready to tackle any challenge that comes their way!

Bungee Jumping Safety

While bungee jumping can be a thrilling experience, it is important to prioritize safety. Look for operators that have a good safety record and follow proper procedures. It is also a good idea to check the equipment and ask questions before jumping.

Recent Bungee Incidents in Thailand

In March 2023, a tourist in Pattaya survived a bungee jump fall after his cord snapped. Fortunately, the jump was made over a body of water, and the tourist was able to swim to safety despite sustaining injuries. Bungee jumping can be a fun and exciting way to experience Thailand’s natural beauty and adrenaline-inducing activities. However, we prioritise safety and choose reputable operators.

Safety measures before bungee jumping

Bungee jumping can be a thrilling experience, but it is important to prioritize safety. Here are some safety measures to consider before bungee jumping in Thailand:

  • Choose a reputable operator: Look for operators that have a good safety record and follow proper procedures. 
  • Check the equipment: Before jumping, it is a good idea to check the equipment and ask questions. Make sure that the cords and harnesses are in good condition and that the equipment is properly maintained.
  • Consider your health: Bungee jumping can be physically demanding, so it is important to consider your health before jumping. Heart patients and people with issues such as high blood pressure, epilepsy, asthma, or eye injury are advised not to jump.
  • Wear appropriate clothing: It is important to wear the right clothes for bungee jumping. Avoid loose clothing that could get caught in the equipment, and wear comfortable, non-slip shoes6.
  • Follow instructions: Listen carefully to the instructions given by the operator and follow them closely. This will help ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience.
3 Essential Team Building Goals for Team Bonding: Communication, Participation and Valued Diversity.
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We really love this meaningful event. It was awesome! Despite the fact, that all were hungry the thought of giving to the needy over-rides everything. The team were so focused in just spending what was given (team budget), if not more , with some teams even adding their own money just to get a more valuable gift for the children. You are indeed commendable, to be able to create such an event!




Just amazing! As an organizing committee for the Marriott International Asia Pacific Sales, Revenue & Marketing Leaders conference the objectives were simple – bring 220 people from across the region and across cultures to Bangkok and create magic! Excel Solutions Asia not only prepared a tailor made program, but also delivered on their every promise. The result- incredible team building, energy ...




Our movie-making activity organised by Excel Solutions Asia was absolutely amazing! The activity was really fun, as we got to create our own movies using iPads. Their facilitators provided us with all the necessary tools and guidance to bring our ideas to life. It was a collaborative experience that allowed us to showcase our creativity skills. I highly recommend their movie-making on iPads activity.

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