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Thai Art and Craft Workshops with Gifts You Take Home

Thai Arts and Crafts
Arts and Crafts Bangkok
Arts and Crafts Thailand

Thai art and crafting workshops encourage self expression.

Craftsmanship is skill ideal for an indoor team building event based on small groups. Choose from a fun selection below and break away from that stressful corporate meeting or conference.

Terrariums. Relaxation is a major benefit of having this workshop. It provides you close access to nature even when your group is indoors. Spending time with your tiny trees and letting your creativity flow is part of this miniature garden workshop.

Miniature Garden Thai art workshops Thailand. Miniature Garden Workshop. Participate in the art of gardening in this unique team building event, without getting your hands too dirty! You can create a miniature garden with its own ecosystem in any size, from a small glass bottle to a giant fish tank. Once your miniature garden workshop is finished, you can take home your little forest enclosed in its own little world!

Miniature Garden Thai Art Workshops

Our Miniature Garden Workshop starts by teaching your group a little bit about terrarium – the history, the types, and equipment etc. Our teachers will guide you on how to create your miniature garden from layering soil to trees arrangements. You will also be taught how to maintain and take good care of your gardens.

Stone Painting Thai Art Workshops

Stone Painting Workshops Thailand. Give a new life to an ordinary pebble by our stone painting workshop, Bangkok, Thailand! You will never look at a stone the same way ever after you have attended our creative stone painting workshop. Every stone comes with different texture, shape, color, and size! Try creating your own story on a stone and see how amazingly easy it is to turn one little stone into a sweet, cuddly cat! Not only can our stone painting workshop help you to appreciate the value of little things around you like the pebble, but also help bring out the most creative side of you and your team!

Flower Crafting Thai Art Workshops

Flower Crafting Workshops. Who doesn’t love flowers, especially when they are arranged and designed by your loved ones! If you’ve always wondered how to arrange flowers but you’re not sure know where to begin, don’t worry — we can help you. Our Flower Crafting Thai art workshop will give you a hands on experience tailored to your desire or theme!

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