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Ice Cream Adventure with Quizzes and Scoops

Chatuchak-Market Ice Cream

Corporate Ice Cream Challenge

Get ready for a sweet and exciting team-building adventure like no other! Introducing our fantastic and fun activity: “Ice Cream Adventure: Quizzes and Scoops”! Bangkok is hot – very hot so imagine a day filled with delicious scoops of ice cream, and brain-teasing quizzes. It’s the ultimate way to bond with your awesome teammates while satisfying your sweet tooth and cooling down.

Your Ice Cream Adventure in Thailand

You and your team will have a blast choosing your starting point from a list of amazing participating ice cream parlors in town. It’s like picking the first stop on your treasure hunt! Quiz Challenges At each parlor, get ready to put your collective brainpower to the test! You’ll be faced with all sorts of mind-boggling quizzes—think trivia, pop culture, and maybe even some surprising industry-related questions. Work together, share ideas, and strategise to crack those quiz codes!

Ice Cream Indulgence Boom! 

You did it! Once your team triumphs over a quiz, you’ll be rewarded with mouthwatering scoops of ice cream as your prize. Treat yourself to heavenly flavors, from classics like chocolate and vanilla to adventurous combinations like salted caramel with a hint of bacon. It’s a celebration of teamwork and a party for your taste buds! Documentation and Presentation Don’t forget to capture those epic moments! Take photos, record videos, or jot down your team’s thrilling tasty discoveries and quiz triumphs. You’ll want to remember all the excitement and the unique flavours you savoured along the way.

Team Presentations It’s showtime! 

Gather ’round with your fellow teams to share your awesome experiences. Show off your documentation, share your wildest ice cream adventures, and let everyone in on your quiz-solving secrets. Get ready for applause and some serious high-fives! Reflection and Discussion Take a breather and dive into a reflective session. Discuss the challenges you faced, the incredible collaboration you witnessed, and the valuable lessons you learned. It’s a chance to grow even closer as a team and celebrate the awesome skills you brought to the table.

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We recently had an incredible experience participating in an action-packed Amazing Race activity organised by Excel Solutions Asia. It was so much fun! The event was well organised, and it had a perfect mix of challenges, physical activities, and teamwork. We got to explore different exciting locations and solve puzzles along the way. The organizers were full of energy and kept us motivated.




Two days of the team building was truly amazing & full of enthusiasm. Program/events conducted resulted in high level participant’s engagement, creativity, fun and team work. The program was well coordinated by team members of Excel Solution Asia. Team’s commitment level and support was truly the best in the limited time given to them. Thanks once again for those great days and all support.




It was a fun activity for all team members and everyone put in a 100% effort to ensure their movies turned out great. It was wonderful to see everyone get involve which was way beyond my expectation. Another concept depending on the time constraint would be a luck draw for the movie themes; Horror/Comedy/Action/Suspense etc.

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