Team Building with Music Workshops. Get into the Rhythm

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Our team building with music ‘Get Into the Rhythm’ puts teams high in the musical success charts. From K-Pop, Thai pop, US rock and pumping dance anthems, teams will be transformed into creatives to devise, and star in their own musical band.

This musical team building event can be delivered easily to large conferences, with everyone engaged and contributing to a limitless musical activity. This is an ideal team building in Thailand or Singapore event.

Team Building with Music Workshops

Your ideas and songs could even become catchy titles. Just imagine seeing your CEO having fun, singing and dancing to music side by side with you and your colleagues!

Event Duration: 4-5 hours (could be a full day)
Group Size: 50 persons to 200+
Location: Anywhere in Thailand
Benefits: Shared common goals, balanced participation, leadership and communication.

Get into the Rhythm is a Workshop Set out in Several Stages

  • Stage 1: Choosing a style and creatively come up with your song
  • Stage 2: Allocate roles, write, rehearse, and prepare your music.
  • Stage 3: Learn to play the instruments and add a few of your own
  • Stage 4: Perform in front of your peers and get votes for best band and performance

Throughout each stage of the project, teams will be challenged by their creativity; communication skills, co-ordination, organisational abilities, focus under pressure, multi-tasking potential, and teamwork which will be put to the test and developed.

By adding props or have teams find and create their own, this adds even more fun and colour to any musical band performance!