Team Building with Music Workshops. Get into the Sound and Rhythm

Team Building with Music

Team building with music ‘Get Into the Rhythm’ puts teams high in the musical success charts. From K-Pop, Thai pop, US rock and pumping dance anthems, participants will be transformed into creatives to devise, and star in their own musical band.

Music team building activities can be delivered easily to large conferences, with everyone engaged and contributing to a limitless musical activity. This is an ideal Thailand or Singapore team building event for music lovers.

Team Building with Music Workshops

Your ideas and songs could even become catchy titles. Just imagine seeing your CEO having fun, singing and dancing to music side by side with you and your colleagues!

Get into the Rhythm – Music Workshops

  • Stage 1: Choosing a style and creatively come up with your song
  • Stage 2: Allocate roles, write, rehearse, and prepare your music.
  • Stage 3: Learn to play the instruments and add a few of your own
  • Stage 4: Perform in front of your peers and get votes for best band and performance

Throughout each stage of the project, teams will be challenged by their creativity; communication skills, co-ordination, organisational abilities, focus under pressure, multi-tasking potential, and teamwork which will be put to the test and developed. Props add even more fun and colour to the musical band performance!

Team Building with Music Workshops –  Versions

Make a Musical Video of your Band

Teams film and edit their music videos on iPads. Cut to close-ups, pans and zoom to add the right look and feel to your unique music video created on an iPad. Show your musical video at the end of the event on the big screen.

Perform Live Busking to an Audience

Perhaps you’d like to perform live. Venture outside into the streets and share your music with the locals. Who knows, you may become famous. We can designate locations suitable for your live performance and gain bonus points for every local that joins you!

Team Building with Music Awards Ceremony

A Music Award ceremony congratulates the best, with a special award for the overall best musical performance. Each team is presented with a photo of their band.

High Energy Songs for Conferences

Music workshops can play an important element to your event and it may be difficult finding a selection of songs for your conference. To catch your audience’s attention your delegates should recognise some of the tunes being played. Add the music to fit the mood.

Crafting a Playlist for Your Company Event

Include songs with high-energy remembering not to play anything too risque or suggestive. Add a few oldies to cater for all ages. The classics should be upbeat with a message. The music you play could also be influenced by the products or services you sell. Perhaps it could be related to the country where you’re holding the event or nationalities of the delegates.

Essential Motivational Playlists

Songs you listen to can motivate and change the way you see things. Playing lyrics that inspire could easily motivate you to accomplish your goals. Here are a few well known and popular songs which are often requested during events.

  • Locked Out of Heaven – Bruno Mars
  • Get Lucky – Daft Punk
  • We are Family – Sister Sledge
  • Happy – Pharrell Williams
  • We are the Champions – Queen

**before using any copyrighted song at a public event, you should obtain a performance license**

Clever Names and Ideas for your Band

Everyone knows a band isn’t a band unless it has a good name so teams also need to come up with a cool band name. Think about the tone you’re trying to set and if you wish to send a political, or social message.

Use Weird and Fun Instruments

As instruments can be weird and fun to play why not add a few to your musical performance. Spin drums, balloon bongos (balloons stretched over tin cans), wrist bells and a Xylophone made with simple glass jars filled with water are just a few.

Learning to Understanding Music and Rhythm

The beat is the rhythm and the tempo tells you how fast or how slow to play the piece. To become a good musician team members must develop an ear for rhythm and timing. Clapping along and tapping your feet with the pulse of the music is a good start.

Learn to Play the Ukulele

Ukuleles are instruments which can be added to any corporate, musical event. Musicians can easily learn to strum and play the ukulele fairly quickly, and many songs can be played with just a few basic cords. Once the basic notes and chords have been learned, putting them altogether simply requires a little timing. Did we forget to mention you can even take them home with you after the event!

Team Building with Music – Lip Sync

Lip Sync Battles to Your Favourite Songs

Lip Sync is something we all do, especially in the shower so why not a make this into a competitive team building event! Although considered miming, famous artists would lip sync while they focused on their choreography and live dance numbers.

This is a fun opportunity for anyone to become a famous singer. One day or only in the shower! With a selection of pre-recorded songs your teams provide a live performance in a battle to become the winners. This event starts by dividing your group into teams. Each team is then given a choice of songs which could be anything from rock to pop! For a more mature and older audience, a blast from the past with country or some Jazz would seem more apt!

Lip Sync Battles

Practice the moves and dance routines until it’s time for the big performance. Put on some fashionable clothes (fancy dress recommended), grab a microphone, and entertain the crowds. Winning teams are based on entertainment value, creativity and of course how realistic you look while lip syncing!

This event is focused around leadership, balanced performance and creativity. Lip sync also motivates groups by performing together, thus encouraging communication. You can be assured that this fun team building event, is highly entertaining, and energetic evens perhaps helping you to learn how to sing!

Lip Sync by Famous Artists

Did you know that many artists chose to lip-synch during live performances because of stage fright or perceptions of inadequacy. Unlike studio recordings, a live performance provides only one chance to get the song right. Some artist may worry that their voice would not strong enough, may hit the wrong note, or simply that it would sound noticeably different from recorded versions.

Team Building with Music Quotations are inclusive of:

Inclusive in this team building event are: microphone props, choice of songs, and assistance with fancy dress. MC, facilitators, and all associated materials and design. An experienced dance coach is optional which is dependent on your budget. If you have your own concept for a music event let us know!