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Team Building with Music Workshops. Get into the Sound and Rhythm

Music Team Building Activities Thailand
Music Team Building Thailand
Team Building with Music Bangkok

Team building with Music

‘Get Into the Rhythm’ puts teams high in the musical success charts. From K-Pop, Thai pop, US rock and pumping dance anthems, participants will be transformed into creatives to devise, and star in their own musical band. Music team building activities can be delivered easily to large conferences, with everyone engaged and contributing to a limitless musical activity. This is an ideal Thailand or Singapore team building event for music lovers. Your ideas and songs could even become catchy titles. Just imagine seeing your CEO having fun, singing and dancing to music side by side with you and your colleagues!

Team Building with Music Workshops

Get into the Rhythm – Music Workshops

  • Stage 1: Choosing a style and creatively come up with your song
  • Stage 2: Allocate roles, write, rehearse, and prepare your music.
  • Stage 3: Learn to play the instruments and add a few of your own
  • Stage 4: Perform in front of your peers and get votes for best band and performance

Throughout each stage of the project, teams will be challenged by their creativity; communication skills, co-ordination, organisational abilities, focus under pressure, multi-tasking potential, and teamwork which will be put to the test and developed. Props add even more fun and colour to the musical band performance!

Team Building with Music Workshops –  Versions

Make a Musical Video of your Band

Teams film and edit their music videos on iPads. Cut to close-ups, pans and zoom to add the right look and feel to your unique music video created on an iPad. Show your musical video at the end of the event on the big screen.

Perform Live Busking to an Audience

Perhaps you’d like to perform live. Venture outside into the streets and share your music with the locals. Who knows, you may become famous. We can designate locations suitable for your live performance and gain bonus points for every local that joins you!

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Just amazing! As an organizing committee for the Marriott International Asia Pacific Sales, Revenue & Marketing Leaders conference the objectives were simple – bring 220 people from across the region and across cultures to Bangkok and create magic! Excel Solutions Asia not only prepared a tailor made program, but also delivered on their every promise. The result- incredible team building, energy ...




Excel Solutions had been very helpful in customising the Corporate City Challenge according to our corporate safety; health theme. In the process of preparation, we only managed to discuss through few phone calls (as my company is not based in Bangkok) and only had 1 final meeting a few days before the event. But Excel Solution Team still turned up very well prepared and organised for the day.




Two days of the team building was truly amazing & full of enthusiasm. Program/events conducted resulted in high level participant’s engagement, creativity, fun and team work. The program was well coordinated by team members of Excel Solution Asia. Team’s commitment level and support was truly the best in the limited time given to them. Thanks once again for those great days and all support.

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