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Board Games: From Checkmate and Draughts to Monopoly

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Get ready to roll the dice, strategise your moves, and experience the thrill of board games. Whether you’re a master strategist or a novice adventurer, our hand-picked selection of board games will have everyone on the edge of their seats. So gather your colleagues, unleash your competitive spirits, and let the games begin!

And the best part? We take care of all the logistics for you! Our dedicated team will transform your chosen hotel meeting room into a vibrant game zone, complete with custom-designed game boards, comfortable seating, and an electric atmosphere. You and your team can dive right into the action without worrying about the setup or cleanup. Plus, to add an extra dose of motivation and friendly competition, we’ve got exciting prizes up for grabs! 

Classic Games with a Twist

  • Chess: Challenge your team’s strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities as they engage in a battle of wits on the chessboard. Watch as they collaborate, plan their moves, and outsmart their opponents.
  • Draughts (Checkers): Promote teamwork and coordination as your team strategizes, captures pieces, and navigates the checkered board. This classic game is a fantastic way to encourage collaboration and friendly competition.
  • Monopoly: Ignite your team’s entrepreneurial spirit with the world-renowned game of Monopoly. As they buy, sell, and negotiate their way to success, your team will enhance their communication skills, resource management, and financial acumen.
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