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Office Olympics: Where Work Meets Play in a Series of Games

Office Olympics Bangkok
Office Olympic Thailand

Hey there, office champions and adrenaline enthusiasts!

Get ready to unleash your inner athletes and indulge in the ultimate showdown of skills and laughter. We present to you the one and only Office Olympics—an event that promises to bring out the gold medalist in every cubicle-dweller!

What’s the buzz all about?

Picture this: desk chair races that would give Formula One a run for its money, paper airplane contests soaring to new heights, and quick trivia games that will test your knowledge while tickling your brain cells. It’s a celebration of fun through olympics and epic feats within the very walls where spreadsheets come alive!

Are you game for the challenge?

Join us as we embark on an adventure that combines exhilarating competition, hilarious moments, and the chance to make office history. Will you be the speed demon conquering the Desk Chair Grand Prix? Or perhaps you have the magic touch that will turn your paper airplane into a graceful glider, winning the hearts of all onlookers?

But wait, there’s more!

We’re not stopping there, folks! Brace yourselves for the Stress Ball Shot Put, where you can channel your inner Olympian and launch stress balls into the stratosphere. And who can resist the allure of the Keyboard Typing Speed Challenge, where fingers dance across the keys in a frenzy, vying for the ultimate typing crown?

Office Olympics Conclusion

Office Olympics await you with open arms and a dash of mischief. It’s a chance to break free from office monotony, bond with colleagues, and unleash your inner superstar. So, dust off your desk chairs, channel your competitive spirit, and let the games begin! Remember, in the realm of the Office Olympics, everyone’s a winner, and the real prize lies in the joy and connections we create along the way. In addition, for those adventurous souls seeking a change of scenery, don’t forget to check out our Beach Olympics, where sand, sun, and salty breezes merge with friendly competitions and beachside teamwork.

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We had the pleasure of participating in an incredible fashion team building activity organised by Excel Solutions Asia. From start to finish, it was a remarkable experience. The carefully designed activities and expert guidance allowed our team to showcase our creativity and bond on a deeper level. The fashion show catwalk was a highlight, where we presented our creations.


Zann Teh


It was a pleasure working with Excel Solutions Asia whom we have engaged to deliver “License to Thrill” as a team building event for our company. Excel Solutions Asia were really professional in the way that they handled our event from queries to execution of the whole event. The event was creatively planned with lots of fun and challenges! It was a battling test of wits and wisdom which resulted in incredible ...




Thank you for the wonderful team building day organised by you in Hua Hin for our annual Group Marketing Conference with The Peninsula Hotels. I believe the day was really successful, and we were worried about the long drive to and from Bangkok, but everyone thought that the whole exercise was so enjoyable that it was well worth the time spent in the coach.

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