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Movie Making Team Building Thailand

Movie making team building is a seriously fun activity tailored around the movie making industry. Your teams are given a great opportunity to write, shoot, act and edit your very own movie – all on an iPad. Create a trailer, spoof, or even a commercial focused around your organisational services or products. Our movie making team building has gone Hollywood!

The new wave of team building today is all about movie making exercises and movie making Thailand activities in the workplace. Corporate team building events used to be the stuff of nightmares. Boring lectures, and day-long exercises that are sound in principle, but hard to implement with any real sense of enjoyment. But, there is an amazing solution. Our movie making team building, and editing on iPads offer a fun, effective, and unusual way to undertake your team building event. At Excel Solutions Asia, we offer this innovative event to corporate groups wanting to make the most of their time, during a conference by combining learning with serious fun.

Team building in Bangkok is not only enjoyable, but also affordable. We have many options that suit your budget, schedule, and preferences. You can choose from different activities, locations, and durations. We can even customise your itinerary to fit your goals and needs.

The Benefits of Movie Making

Activities for Corporate Team Building

Unlike regular team-building exercises such as tower building or sales pitch development, our movie-making also helps you to develop real-world technology skills. Better still, it’s very entertaining. You can now give yourself and your employees the creativity and fun you all deserve.

Teamwork by Concept, Creation, and Editing

Movie making workshops take place in three stages: planning, shooting, and editing. Each stage will help you and your employees increase their creativity, build a bond, explore new technological skills, and create a supportive and effective editing rapport. Which may make your future projects a cinch! But before we set you loose, our experts will impart some lighting, scripting, and shooting expertise – to give your teams an idea of how, and where, to begin.

Planning – Brainstorming and Design

The event starts by asking teams to get together and brainstorm ideas for their very own movie. Teams will begin brainstorming ideas based around, scripting plans, and character design. All of this will culminate into a storyboard which becomes the foundation for the movie. Participants are then given the option to rehearse, before deciding and choosing their shooting location. During this process, we encourage character development through role-play with constructive critique.

Making a Movie Script – Teamwork

Before writing the script you need to plan the scenes. How many and how long will each scene be – which makes up the overall movie. You can’t shoot a movie without a film script. After all, what are your characters going to do and what are they going to say. This is where you combine your created scenes with the dialogue.

Start with an outline and introduce your characters, not forgetting the tone of your story. Dialogue should always be focused around the story and be distinctive to each character. Add sequences away from the main subject and think about location. This could also influence a given scene, creating more attention to your characters.

Shooting Your First Movie on an iPad

This shooting is the most fun part of the event! As teams venture outdoors to shoot their short film, they will have access to our wardrobe of props, our local knowledge of possible shooting locations, and filming equipment to make sure that the results are top quality.

We encourage strong character design and roleplaying as a part of barrier breakdown and team bonding. You and your colleagues are guaranteed to have fun together within no time at all. Once all scenes have been shot all the teams return to the meeting room to begin editing.

The Importance of Film Props

We provide plenty of props but what purpose do they serve! Props are a fundamental piece of film and can make a scene feel more authentic. They are not there just for decoration as they encourage actors/actresses to play their role more convincingly which enhances the performance of each character, and makes them look more conceivable.

Shooting a Film Scene

As this is a team-building event you only get one iPad. Teams get to focus on one scene at a time and they need to think about camera angles and placement. We demonstrate how to find an angle that fits the mood or tone of the scene. Always check the whole scene for unwanted debris in the background and shoot the scenes in order, making the process of editing easier and faster.

Movie Making – Editing

To get the very best results, we provide Apple iPads for shooting and software for editing. We will explain how the software works and provide advice and guidance whenever needed. Using iMovie couldn’t be easier. Simply import your film clips, choose your preferred scenes, add background music, titles, some transitions and you’re ready for the big screen. That’s it!

Oscar Awards Ceremony

A miniature awards ceremony is given Oscar style, to reward and recognise the most creative, interesting, and talented members of the team. These awards go to the best actor/actress, best director, and best film. Groups can take away their movies on a USB stick for later enjoyment! We strongly recommend against any uploads to YouTube. We respect and take your privacy seriously.

Movie Making on iPads Conclusion

Looking for a fun and unique team-building activity for your next corporate event? Look no further than our movie-making activity! With this hilarious and engaging event, your team will work together to create their very own film production and short films. This activity is sure to bring out everyone’s creative side, as they collaborate to write, direct, and star in their very own movies. And with the added bonus of team-building, your colleagues will bond over their shared love of filmmaking.

Who knows, you may discover that your quiet accountant has a hidden talent for screenwriting or that your boss has a secret passion for acting. With this activity, anything is possible! Why not embark on a hilariously unforgettable team building adventure that merges the glamour of Madame Tussauds Bangkok with the excitement of making your own movie. Strike a pose with wax celebrities, and then unleash your inner Spielberg as you collaborate with your team to create a blockbuster masterpiece.

So, if you’re looking for a fun and effective way to strengthen your team’s collaboration and communication skills, while also creating some hilarious memories, book our film production team-building activity today! This team building event is a huge success and will get you creative juices flowing and provide great entertainment. Our movie making activity seamlessly connects with our educational movies for kids if you’d like a CSR team building activity.

Movie Making FAQ’s

No! We find that our team members with no previous experience often come up with some of the best ideas ever seen in our studios! Our trainers are there to help guide you through every step of the process so don’t worry if this is your first time – we’ll be right there beside you every step of the way!

Yes! We know how hard it can be to get your teams to work together, and we think that movie making team building is an excellent way to get them out of their comfort zone and into a new environment where they can learn from each other.

You bet! We’ve got iPads on hand to make sure that you don’t have to worry about having equipment or software, but feel free to bring your own devices if you want to make sure everything works perfectly for you.

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