Go Karting Thailand | The Need for Speed on Racing Circuits

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Go Kart racing is an adrenaline event and has been accepted as the most economic form of motorsport available on four wheels. For those with a competitive spirit, this could be an ideal go karting Thailand corporate event. As a team-building activity, it can be performed by almost anybody and is a great opportunity to be used as a low-cost and relatively safe way to introduce participants to motor racing.

Our go-karting packages provide exciting team building activities offering you the best of speed and thrills. The sprint format is a series of short-duration races, normally for a small number of laps. This qualifies for a final, with a variety of point scoring calculations to determine the event’s overall winner.

Event Duration: 2-3 hours
Group Size: 45 to 60 (depending on your chosen location)
Location: Anywhere across Thailand near a track.
Benefits: Shared common goals, balanced participation, leadership and communication.

Why book a Go Kart Thailand Event with Us?

We are strict on safety and will assist and assure all guidelines are met. When visiting some karting organisations you may see tourists not wearing the correct and required safety gear. However, we will insist as your safety is our priority.

We also provide FREE professional photographers enabling your teams to take the memories home with them. Add some prizes and perhaps the odd bottle of champaign you are guaranteed a fun day at the racing circuits.

Go Kart Thailand Racing

Typical duration does not normally exceed 15 minutes. With this kind of event speed and successful passing is of the most importance. The format is usually three qualifying heats and a final race for the trophy positions.

Endurance Racing

Endurance Racing: Endurance races last for an extended period, for one or more drivers. In general, consistency, reliability, and pit strategy is of greater importance than all-out speed. Quite simply, the team with the most laps completed are the winners.

Go Kart Engine Sizes

Although they come in all shapes and sizes there are some seriously high powered models. The standard engines are 4 stroke and are usually air-cooled. Engines can range between 5hp to a whopping 48hp. These are mostly used for the National Championship classes like the two-strokes.

You’ll find that the majority on indoor tracks when hiring a kart offer between 5 and 7 bhp engines.

Professional go-karters can reach speeds above 100mph but we doubt you’ll be reaching these kinds of speeds on a local go-kart hire track even if you race professionally.

Quotations are inclusive of:

Transportation (go-karts) during the race, prize for the winning team member,  consultants, MC, and a professional photographer.