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Build a Bike for Kids. CSR Donation Team Building Activities

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Build a Bicycle for Children

Build a Bike for Kids is our most popular CSR team building event in Bangkok, Thailand, and Singapore. This fun indoor and outdoor event is created for under-privileged children. Build a bike Thailand CSR – corporate social responsibility has been our top event for almost 15 years! Read more on our fun bicycle building activity.

Do you have a corporate social responsibility program? Are you looking for bike team building activities to make it more memorable and meaningful? Would you like your team to build personally donated bicycles? Are you looking for a CSR project that will engage your entire organization and also contribute to the local community? It acts as a robust reputation management tool for any business.

Build a Bike Thailand Workshops

All the challenges are focused around children which include may include: solving clues, shopping or an in house quiz! Each team is then given the remains of a child’s bicycle and tools. Within the time restraint given they have to assemble the bicycle. Of course they will be checked for safety upon completion.

Build a Bicycle Charity Donations to Orphanages

Did we say this event was very rewarding! At the end of the program, groups donate their bicycles to an underprivileged child – usually from a local orphanage. The biggest reward of this bicycle building event is not just the donation. It’s seeing a child receive their very first bicycle.vWe will take care of all the logistics and remember to keep this part of the event as a surprise for your group.

Charities we work with:

  • Father Ray Foundation
  • HDF Mercy Center Bangkok
  • numerous other local orphanages

Orphanages may need to verify any calls for donations – to keep away scams. Visit the orphanage to help out and draw up a unique plan that best suits your company and the orphanage. Build a bike events are very popular because it they are dependent on teamwork. We can also brand your corporate event by putting your company’s name and logo on each bike.

Build a Bike and Develop Your Teamwork

Our bicycle building workshop is challenging while very rewarding. This event is focused on problem-solving, effective communication and leadership while enabling teams to have serious fun. During the build a bike activity, everyone present will be occupied and engaged. After all, this is meant to be a fun team bonding activity. The combination of Lego team building and the task of building a bike creates a dynamic and memorable experience that promotes teamwork and innovation among team members.

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